Friday New Releases – September 23rd

Happy Friday!!  We made it through another week.  Now let’s enjoy the weekend with some great new music.  There is so much to choose from this weekend and some I can’t wait to grab a hold of and sonically consume.  Let me know what your interested in, and as always, my most anticipated ones are highlighted in Blue.  There are a lot so I am only going to comment on four of them, the others Bruce Springsteen and Joe Bonamassa are just too obvious choices that I am sure a lot of you are interested in as well.

  • airborne-breakingouttahell-1  Airbourne – Breakin’ Outta Hell – (Spinefarm):  Are you ready to rock 80’s style? Then turn that volume up and rock your ass off with Airbourne.  One of the most exciting retro rock bands to come out in the last 10 years.  Listen to the title track and then go get this album and turn to 11.

  • 61iWrIXSMqL._AC_US160_  Crobot – Welcome to the Fat City – (Wind Up Records):  Do you want to talk about exciting, here is another retro rock band but this one does it more 70’s style.  Keep the volume up for this one and be prepared to blow out the windows in your house or your car.  These first 2 albums are going to keep me satisfied for a long damn time!!

  • 51cWt8UGGyL._AC_US160_  Passenger – Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea – (Black Crow Records):  Looking forward to this one as well, but it might take some time to get to it after the first two releases above.  They are listed as singer/songwriter and they definitely fit that mold as the songwriting and music is always exceptional.  Definitely should be another great release.

  • 51iedOlHRlL._AC_US160_  Shawn Mendes – Illuminate – (Island Records):  Personally, not excited about this release, but my kids are so that means I need to listen to it to make sure it is appropriate.  However, it is Shawn Mendes so not real concerned about that.  He seems like a decent kid.  Plus, sometimes his songs are pretty darn good.

  • 51C29hkbAXL._AC_US200_  Joy Williams – Venus (Acoustic) – (Sensibility Music) Joy Williams has such a haunting, yet beautiful voice.  She draws you in and makes you really listen to the song.  Absolutely mesmerizing.  This is a great effort, but I do miss the Civil Wars.

  • 61eHMx58yiL._AC_US200_  Crowder – American Prodical – (sixstepsrecords)
  • 41CW5PyY7bL._AC_US200_  Timothy B. Schmit – Leap of Faith – (Benowen)
  • 61U-fvP0FsL._AC_US160_  Bruce Springsteen – Chapter & Verse – (Columbia)
  • 61pNQyGVInL._AC_US160_  Joe Bonamassa – Live at the Greek – (J&R Adventures)
  • 51snDWGQ5zL._AC_US200_  Various Artists – The Man Who Fell to Earth (2CD) – (Hip-O)
  • 51dykkxaphl-_ac_us160_  Luke Bryan – Farm Tour…Here’s to the Farmer – E.P. – (Row Crops Records)
  • 51DGOORHc9L._AC_US160_  Operation: Mindcrime – Resurrection – (Frontiers Music Sri)
  • 61aNQX3hqfL._AC_US160_  Kansas – The Prelude Implicit – (Inside Out Music)
  • 61vYbPl1bBL._AC_US160_  Dwight Yoakam – Swimming Pools, Movie Stars… – (Sugar Hill)
  • 31cv4WfrzSL._AC_US160_  My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (10th Anniversary) – (Reprise)
  • 51dpDoyxl3L._AC_US200_  Randy Newman – The Randy Newman Songbook, Vol. 3 – (Nonesuch)
  • 61wU57jOg-L._AC_US160_  Vangelis – Rosetta – (Decca)
  • 41tC6dP+DUL._AC_US160_  Idina Menzel – idina. – (Warner Bros.)
  • 51kbuc9YO9L._AC_US160_  Kristin Chenoweth – The Art of Elegance – (Concord Records)
  • 71quEO9sWPL._AC_US160_  Various Artists – Wow Hits 2017 – (WOW)
  • 51n1lL8JYLL._AC_US160_  John Scofield – Country for Old Men – (Impulse/UMC)
  • 51sZ28hSo+L._AC_US200_  Allegaeon – Proponent of Sentience – (Metal Blade)
  • 61Uhr9VstwL._AC_US200_  The Sword – Low Country – (Razor & Tie)

13 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – September 23rd

  1. Was not familiar with Airbourne, but man, they kick some major ass! “Breakin’ Outta Hell” is one of the most exhilarating tunes I’ve heard in a while. Crobot rocks too, and I agree about Joy Williams. Not a fan of Shawn Mendes, though “Mercy” is kinda nice. He’s a little heartthrob, and I can understand why your daughters think he’s got it all. As for Passenger, try as I might, I just don’t like his munchkin-like voice, though he does write some nice songs.

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  2. Fairly interested in the Bonamassa release. I haven’t been to keep on his studio stuff, but I’ve been known to spend an hour or so on YouTube watching live stuff. As for Springsteen, I didn’t even know he had a new album out! I’m assuming it’s archive stuff?

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