Meat Loaf – ‘Braver Than We Are’ – Album Review

When I first heard that Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman were doing another record I was very excited.  I know they are usually hit and miss records, but when they hit…they hit it out of the park (Bat Out of Hell 1 & 2).  That is why this was a sad album review for me to write. The reason is because one of our great rock vocalist is great no more.  Meat Loaf’s voice is shot.

This is quite possibly the worst album I have ever heard and especially the worst album of the year.  Meat Loaf’s vocals are no where in the same realm of the greatness it was and as a result it turns this album into a sad realization of his future as a singer.  Jim Steinman’s music can’t save the album because when you hear Meat’s voice it actually makes the music sound horrible as well.

There were several female vocalists brought in to accompany Meat, but they don’t sound good enough either to save this album.  There is not one song on this record I will keep in my music library…not a one!

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