Elevation Worship – Here as in Heaven – Album Spotlight

I am going to change things up a bit with something not Pop or Rock.  I am a fan of Christian music, mostly of the rock nature. I have never been much for worship music.  Of course, I have some from artists like Kutless, Chris Tomlin and Jeremy Camp.  It was just never my go to choice.

I have the great pleasure of living in Charlotte and not far from Elevation Church’s main campus in Blakeney.  It was there I  discovered Elevation Worship.  Ok, I didn’t discover them, I was introduced to their music. The energy they bring to each church service is amazing and I found them to be extremely talented musicians and singers.

Last year, they sold out Time Warner Arena here in Charlotte and recorded the live album “Here as in Heaven”.  I am quite bummed that my family  and I were not able to attend, but thankfully there is an album to enjoy.  The album came out in February of this year and I have enjoyed every minute of that album.

There was one song I would hear during church services that I would catch myself singing it even after church and for the rest of the day. It is called “Resurrecting” which focuses on Jesus’ victory over conquering the grave.  It is my favorite song on the album.

There are 13 live tracks and 1 studio track which is a radio edit of “O Come to the Altar” which is another amazing track on the album.  The other outstanding songs are many including the title track “Here as in Heaven”, “Grace Like a Wave”, “Call Upon the Lord” and “I Can’t Believe”.

Track Listing:

  1. “Hear as in Heaven”
  2. “Grace Like A Wave”
  3. “Call Upon the Lord”
  4. “O Come to the Altar”
  5. “Resurrecting”
  6. “Evidence”
  7. “Shine a Light”
  8. “Yahweh”
  9. “I Can’t Believe”
  10. “First and Only”
  11. “Praise Goes On”
  12. “Hold on to Me”
  13. “For A Moment”
  14. “O Come to the Altar” (Radio Version)

If your a fan of Hillsong United or worship music in general, then you should check out the album.  If you just want some uplifting music with a very positive message, then check it out as well.  I hope you enjoy.



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