Joseph – Concert Review

The opening act for the James Bay concert on September 25th at the Fillmore in Charlotte was a female trio called Joseph.  Joseph are three sisters who come to us from Portland, Oregon. My daughter has really enjoyed their new album ‘I’m Alone, No You’re Not’ that only came out a few weeks back.  She got me to listen to it as well so I would be familiar with the band when we went to the concert. And I have to say the album is really great and worth a listen.

Now before the show, as we were standing behind the sound boards, there was a young lady standing in front of them talking to the sound guy.  My daughter started getting exciting as she turned to me and said that it was one of the girls from Joseph.  And sure enough, it was Natalie.  Why my daughter didn’t snap a picture of her I don’t know.

The band consists of only Natalie, Allison & Meegan Closner and when the show started, the three sisters walked out on stage by themselves with only Natalie carrying a guitar. A very simple set up.  They did have a drummer during the show, but he was off stage and out of sight.  When they started singing, it was apparent they really didn’t need anything more than their voices.  They were amazing.  The 3 part harmonies were spot on and I have to tell you these women can sing.

They opened with “Hundred Ways” and they were pitch perfect from the beginning.  It was very impressive.  They had the crowd hooked.  The next song up was “Canyon” which is one of my favorite songs on their latest album.  And by the second song, you already realize there is not a weak voice between the three sisters.  Each one is on point and delivers great harmonies and beautiful melodies.


“Planet” was the third song of their short set and the vocals were again spot on so I guess I don’t need to keep saying that as it seems to be a consistent pattern for them.  I was not overly familiar with this song as it wasn’t one of my favorites off the album, but it was great nonetheless.  The next song was “Lifted Away” which my daughter and I didn’t know since it was off their first album, but it was another great vocal performance.  My daughter has since gone on to start listening to their first album.

“I Don’t Mind” delivered haunting vocals and just moved you when you listened.  It was very powerful as was “Sweet Dreams”.  They ended the show with their big breakthrough song “White Flag”.  People in the crowd seemed to recognize this song as they perked up even more when they started into this song.  It is my favorite on the album so it was a great way to end the show.

It all went by so quickly, you were saddened it had to end.  The Closner sisters were amazing and the crowd really enjoyed their performance.  It was a very different act than James Bay, but it was nice way to get you ready for his show.  I don’t know how many people were there to see Joseph, but by the end I believe they made a lot of new fans. Myself being one of them. Joseph are worth checking out if they come to your town if you just want pure vocals that give you amazing 3 part harmonies and sweet sounding melodies.  They get a thumbs up from my daughter if that helps in your decision.


  1. “Hundred Ways”
  2. “Canyon”
  3. “Planet”
  4. “Lifted Away”
  5. “I Don’t Mind”
  6. “Sweet Dreams”
  7. “White Flag”

Sorry for the grainy pictures.  My daughter was having a little trouble during the show with getting solid pictures.

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