Bruno Mars – 24k Magic – New Song & New Album

Bruno Mars is back with a new song, new video and an upcoming new album.  ’24k Magic’ is Bruno’s new album coming out on November 18th on Atlantic Records.  My daughter and I were listening to “Uptown Funk” a few weeks ago and were wondering when he would release something new and now we have an answer.

I have to admit that I love Bruno Mars and I am excited about some new music from him. The song is typical Bruno sound and pure pop magic.  I would imagine he puts on a great live show with all that energy he and the band always show.  Give it a spin and get out of your chair and dance baby!!

9 thoughts on “Bruno Mars – 24k Magic – New Song & New Album

  1. I’m not biased about contemporary pop music or anything, but his Unorthodox Jukebox is seriously one of the worst albums I’ve ever heard top to bottom. I got it because I liked Locked Out of Heaven a lot, but found the rest of it totally worthless.

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      1. I read a review that said that Uptown Funk sounds like its composers read every book on funk but never actually played a funk record. Too funny, although it is a fun song.

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