Everywhere – Fiction Act E.P. – Album Spotlight

The lead singer of Everywhere reached out to me (and I am sure 100’s of other people as well so I know I am not special) to listen to their band’s new E.P., ‘Fiction Act’.  I get a lot of these requests and 9 times out of 10, I can’t stomach what I hear; however, this one was very different.  I actually enjoyed what I was hearing come from my car speakers.

When that happened, I had to find out who they were and what they were about.  First, I like to know where the band gets their name.  Per they bio on their website at everywheretheband.com:

The name of the band was inspired by the quote “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere” by former Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown.

This told me the band was looking for the bad girl and to get laid…what band isn’t.  I would be worried if they didn’t.  I don’t know if this is true, I am just guessing.  It also let me know they actually put a little thought into their name and it showed some intelligence.


Then I need to know where they are from and a little bit about the band.  The band is an alternative rock band that is based out of London; however, the lead singer Max Berga, is from Sweden and the band is really more Scandinavian than British.  They formed in 2012 and have worked with producer Mark Needham who has worked with other alternative bands including Imagine Dragon and The Killers.  I definitely hear a little of the Killers in their music and that is promising.

The band is listed as alternative, but I don’t really know what that means anymore.  What I hear is a strong presence of old 80’s synth pop with sounds of OMD and even Depeche Mode.  I love those bands so this was right up my alley.

Their E.P. is sadly, only 4 songs, but I will take what I can get until there is a full album. The tracks are as follows:

  1. “Shades At Night”
  2. “Heroine”
  3. “Some Other Dude”
  4. “Let It Go”

The opening track “Shades at Night” is my favorite song on the album.  He seems to be singing about a girl that he is in love with, but she has put up a wall and won’t let him in. As the title suggest, it is like she is wearing “Shades at Night” and can’t see what is right in front of her.  It is a great, upbeat and energetic song and I have caught myself singing it after the song is over.  I really am surprised I haven’t heard this song on the radio.

“Heroine” is the most popular song on the E.P. per Apple Music (has that little star by it).  It is the one that reminds me most of the whole 80’s Synth Pop scene.  It is pure pop joy and makes you feel refreshed with energy.

“Some Other Dude” shows you what will happen if you don’t make a move on the person you are interested in. She will end up dancing with “some other dude”.  The song is a lot of fun and if you catch yourself dancing, don’t be surprised.  I caught myself tapping my foot and wanting to dance a little, but I was driving so that posed a little problem.

The final song is “Let It Go” and it slows things down a little.  It still has the same synth sound, but it is more heartfelt and has a great vibe.  This one would be my next favorite song as it shows a more mature side of the band.

Any song you choose, you will enjoy and why I found the overall E.P. a great record.  I really enjoyed the throwback sound that was at the same time very modern.  The overall production quality was sensational and the songwriting was definitely top notch.  I hope they are able to put out a full album in the near future and I know one person who would pick up a copy…me!

I was able to ask the band a few questions, and they were kind enough to answer.

Who are your musical influences?

Our influences are wide and diverse. It used to be pretty straight rock music, such as The Killers, The Cars and bands like that. Lately it has shifted towards Pop but the Rock soul of the band remains intact.

What or who inspires you?    

During the creative process, inspiration usually comes from a good sound on a synth. You sit and hammer out chords, and try things until something just pops and hopefully inspires you to take it to the finish line. At times, someone says something that would make a great song, a funny expression or an unusual word. 

Where does the name for the album, Fiction Act, come from?

Once we had finished the EP; we realized that we needed a name so we sat down with Wikipedia and hit the “random article” button until we found something with the word ”Fiction” and ”Act” in the title.  Our songwriter and front man Max Berga pulled the words out of their context and combined them. To us, Fiction Act is something we can identify with, as you’re coming up in the music industry, you’re constantly playing a role. The person you are on stage is very different from who you are behind closed doors.

What would you like people to get out of your music?

It’s always great if people feel something. We try as hard as we can to keep things personal and emotionally potent. We’ve noticed that if we get really personal and bold with the writing, it has a broader appeal. Usually when we try to write something with a universal and impersonal message, it ends up appealing to very few.

If you want to find out more about the band here are the many ways you can connect…


Also, check them out on Spotify or Youtube.

Spotify Link

Youtube link


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