Maroon 5 – Deep Dive Playlist

I didn’t know what to listen to the other day, so I hit shuffle on my whole library.  An old Maroon 5 song came up and I really loved that song.  It wasn’t one of their hits, but it was just as good.  It got me thinking about all their songs.

Maroon 5 is more than the songs you hear on the radio.  Their albums are usually great all the way through. I love it when a band’s non-singles are just as good as their radio hits, if not even better.  As a result of this one song randomly popping up on my shuffle, I decided to dive deep into their albums and put together a playlist of the Deep Cuts.  It is what I like to call Deep Dive Playlist.

I have only done two others so far since I started the blog.  One for Def Leppard and one for Bon Jovi.  I hope you enjoy this one as much as people seem to enjoy the other ones.  Here is my Deep Dive Playlist for Maroon 5.  They are not being ranked, they are only a playlist. I love them all.

“How” off the album ‘Hands All  Over Me’: “How” was the song I mentioned that popped up in my shuffle and the inspiration for this deep dive playlist.  It is more of a ballad than a pure dance song and I love Adam’s voice in this song.  Come to think of it, I love Adam’s voice.  How a man can get that high is beyond me, but his voice is so unique and so recognizable the minute you hear it.

“Little of Your Time” off the album ‘It Won’t Be Soon Before Long’:  This high energy song really gets you moving with strong, heavy beats.  It is perfect for radio, but was never released as a single.  That is okay, I enjoy no matter what.  Get ready to get moving and give it a listen.

“No Curtain Call” off the album ‘Hands All Over Me’:  “No Curtain Call” was actually a bonus track on the Deluxe Edition and ended up being one of my favorites on the album.  The tempo of the song and the countdown in the chorus worked for me and made the song that much more enjoyable.

“Doin’ Dirt” off the album ‘Overexposed’:  Another great dance song by Maroon 5.  This one might have actually made me hit the dancefloor (this song and maybe a lot of alcohol).

“Not Coming Home” off the album ‘Songs About Jane’:  Still my favorite album by Maroon 5 as there was not one bad song on the album.  “Not Coming Home” had crowd noise like it was live, but sounded too damn good to be live.  I believe this was a Kara’s Flowers’ song originally which was the band name before Maroon 5.

“Shiver” off the album ‘Songs About Jane’: Another magical song from their debut album.  The song had a funk sound and a strong beat.  The whole album was one of those debuts that will always be hard for them to beat, thought they do come close with each album.

“Shoot Love” off the album ‘V’:  “Shoot Love” is another Deluxe Only edition song that is better than most of the songs on the album.  It is uptempo and plays to all their strengths.  Add that to a strong chorus and you have a top notch song.

“Leaving California” off the album ‘V’: Basically a ballad, but picks up the pace in a few spots.  I love the lyrics and the sadness that I feel in the song.  Simple and sweet.

“Through With You” off the album ‘Songs About Jane’: This is my third song from ‘Songs About Jane’ and I probably could pick more, but I will leave three as my limit from any album.  Another funk sounding song and the lyric delivery is choppy and the vocals are smooth at the same time (if that makes sense).

“Figure It Out” off the album “It Wont’ Be Soon Before Long’:  This was listed as a promotional song, but it never charted so I am counting it.  This is so not Maroon 5 and is why I like it so much.  You have to hear it to know how different it really is and hopefully you will appreciate it as much as I have.

“Sad” off the album ‘Overexposed’:  A sad ballad and I love nothing more than a good sad ballad.  One of the quiet gems on this album of so many great songs.

“Coming Back to You” off the album ‘V’:  My third song from ‘V’.  This album had so many great singles and so many great songs period.  “Coming Back to You” is a typical pop song for Maroon 5, nothing unique about it but it I couldn’t stop listening to it and became a favorite on the album.

There you have it.  My favorite deep cuts from all 5 of Maroon 5 albums.  I know we should be getting a new one from them sometime this year so hopefully I can add to this list.  Until that time, enjoy these songs and let me know what your favorite non-singles are for the band.

13 thoughts on “Maroon 5 – Deep Dive Playlist

  1. I enjoy asking my students, “name somebody from Maroon 5…not named Adam Levine.”
    One of these days, someone will be able to – I’ve memorized the name ‘James Valentine’ in case anyone ever asks me!

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  2. Some great songs here, John. I’ve liked Maroon 5 since first hearing their hits from “Songs About Jane” back in 2003. It’s ironic they named their 4th album “Overexposed,” because that’s exactly what they had become by 2012. I personally did not care much for the hits off of “V”, especially “Animals” and “Sugar.” I like the deep cuts you chose from “V” better than the hits themselves. Adam has since redeemed himself with his recent hit “Don’t Wanna Know,” which I really like a lot. Another great post!

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  3. I truly appreciate Maroon 5 though to my metal friends I would only ever admit that as a “guilty pleasure”. Kelly Clarkson and Rihanna land there as well despite actually being incredible artists and not just pop creations. There’s a ton of Levine and company that isn’t pop or radio candy and it’s in everyone’s interests to deep dive like you’ve done here. Thanks, I know some of these tunes already, I’ll take a listen to the ones I don’t.


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