Jack Russell’s Great White – ‘He Saw It Comin’ – Album Review

Through the tragedies (Rhode Island night club fire), the legal battles over the band name, and even the health scares, Jack Russell has persevered.  Jack Russell’s Great White delivers a stellar album with ‘He Saw It Comin’.

The album is a huge surprise as I wasn’t expecting much, but man did Jack and the band exceed all expectations.  If you are expecting Great White, this is not that band.  Jack Russell has gone his own way.

The album doesn’t have a heavy sound throughout, but takes you on a journey through many different styles that cohesively fit together.  Jack raps briefly on “She Moves Me”, they completely rock out on “Spy Vs. Spy” (a throwback to MAD magazine?), have total fun with “Crazy”, and they doo-wop on “Godspeed”.

The autobiographical “My Addiction”  shows how he considers his addiction to be his old friend (He is clean and sober now).  And if you want a ballad, he brings that with “Anything for You”.  With the tracks “Sign of the Times”, “Love Don’t Live” and “Blame It on the Night”, you realize how special the album really is.  Go grab a copy as you won’t be disappointed.

10 keepers out 11 songs – 92% (4.6 out 5 stars).

NOTE: Inspired by the #200wordchallenge at mikeladano.com

7 thoughts on “Jack Russell’s Great White – ‘He Saw It Comin’ – Album Review

  1. Ok now this is a surprise! I have seen this one kicking around iTunes so I may have to check it out base on your review…10/11 wow man thats saying something…
    Good to see Flap Jacks out there still doing it but changing it up somewhat….

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      1. I read a few as well and they were so so as this came out the same time as the Pearcy album so my time was invested in that release and not this one…
        FYI and off topic Harem Scarem has a new album coming out in May I believe…

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  2. Thanks for the shout dude!

    I haven’t taken sides in the Great White thing, and it seems like they are both coexisting peacefully. I really want Jack to do well and stay healthy! Sounds like this album shows he still has the goods….

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  3. Thanks for the reminder of this, I saw it in your Friday release and meant to get back to it. Jack’s always had a great voice and knew how to rock. He’s also had his share of bad luck and I wish only good fortune for him going forward.

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