Malcolm Young – Co-Founder of AC/DC – R.I.P.

My wife just told me that Malcolm Young had died and it really bothered me.  As more of my musical idols age they are starting to pass away and it makes me feel like I am getting old which I am not.  But this was bad for me because of what had been troubling Malcolm.  He suffered from Dementia which is the same illness my Dad suffered and contributed to his passing back in April of this year.

Malcolm Young was the co-founder, along with his brother Angus, of one of the greatest rock bands of all time, AC/DC. Malcolm was not just the rhythm guitarist of AC/DC, but he was actually so much more.  He was the driving force, the leader and the heart and soul of the band.  When he stepped away from the band due to his illness, it was a piece of the band’s heart that left and the band will always be a little less without him.  He is forever immortalized in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and will go down as one of the greatest Rhythm guitarist in history.

I hate that he suffered from Dementia as it took away his music and it is such a cruel and horrible disease.  My heart goes out to his friends and family at their loss, but it is great to know that he left such an amazing legacy.  Rest in Peace Malcolm!!  This ones for you…

15 thoughts on “Malcolm Young – Co-Founder of AC/DC – R.I.P.

  1. Sorry for your loss. Dementia really sucks.
    2 of my best friends’ dads have it and it affected my grandpa.
    Now I wonder if it may go on to my dad and eventually me.

    As for Malcolm, one of the biggest losses in the music world as far as I am concerned. I have to put on a brave face today, but I’ve already cried, and I know I’ll cry some more.

    This getting old(er) really sucks.

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  2. Sorry about your Dad John! Losing anyone close is a tough call thats for sure! Malcolm though has his legacy of music which is just one classic track after another!
    I’m about to read Jesse Finks Bon Scott book. I’m sure there will be some good reading there….


  3. Sorry to hear about your dad, my condolences.
    Though the news of Malcolm is sad, it’s been heartening reading so much respect for his role as a rhythm guitarist, an often over-looked/under-appreciated role

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  4. You’re not Australian if you don’t love AC/DC! Malcolm Young was truly the driving engine to one of the world’s greatest bands. By the way, did you read that one of our newspapers couldn’t even get right the instrument he played. They called him an amazing Bass player !!??!!

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