Greta Van Fleet – From the Fires – Album Review

What were you doing when you were around 18-21 years old?  I am sure you weren’t taking the world by storm like the boys in Greta Van Fleet.  I can’t remember the last time a band was getting so much buzz from critics and from music fans alike.  Especially a Rock & Roll Band!!

They are being hailed as the second coming of Rock and are completely ripping off Led Zeppelin in the process…but in a very good way.  Their Zeppelin stylings are showcased  by the stunning “Highway Tunes” and equally amazing “Safari Song” and “Flower Power”.  The band has an old soul which shines on the Sam Cooke cover “A Change is Gonna Come” and the Fairport Convention cover “Meet on the Ledge”.


The immense talent of these young kids reigns supreme with songs like “Black Smoke Rising”,  “Edge of Darkness” and “Talk on the Street”.  All with their blistering riffs, bone crunching drums, badass bass and screaming rock vocals which makes for the most exciting rock albums of the year, if not the decade.

With only 8 tracks on this double E.P., they have shown that rock is certainly NOT DEAD!


8 keepers out 8 songs – 100% (5 out 5 stars)



20 thoughts on “Greta Van Fleet – From the Fires – Album Review

  1. Nice work on the 200 Word Challenge!
    Good to see them as well getting some writeup’s in WordPress as well(Myself and Mikey).
    This is good to hear as I will have to get this but pay for the 4 tracks separatley as I got the 4 already from the first EP!

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    1. Thanks! I needed to change it up a little. I get tired of doing the same thing. I almost bought the first EP, but for some reason held out and now I am glad I did so I just had to buy this one.


  2. I love Greta Van Fleet!

    I continue to be astonished at your prolific output John! Writing has become so difficult for me lately. Part of my problem is that I overthink stuff and agonize over every sentence. It could also be that I’m getting burned out on writing reviews…

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