32 thoughts on “Is this the 2Loud2OldMusic Logo???

    1. Donna, I tried to use the photo, but for the header on the home page, I need the skull to one side and the site name to the right so it all fits. I need to be able to manipulate the picture to make it work. I will Google though! Thanks.

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      1. What about the image used for the tee? Was that digital? You can work from that online. If you’re not really familiar with imaging stuff, Pixar-o-matic is good for filters and effects.

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  1. Nice logo dude. This is a long shot, but you could scan the t-shirt in with your printer if you can, then use photoshop to straighten out the image? I don’t know much about these things but I can’t see why not 🙂

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  2. Go back to the T-shirt website and bring up the design onscreen, do a screen capture using the camera on your iPhone or iPad. Then open it in your device Photos and edit to crop using the tools in the Photo app.

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  3. a fabulous logo – and an even better surprise gift!
    As for your question about digitizing – did she use a computer program to create the logo?
    If so, whatever program she used should be able to ‘export’ it as a jpg/png to be able to open & use it elsewhere.

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    1. Thanks. She created it on a website that does TShirts. I was able to save the images, but it won’t let me save them as jpg/png and can’t figure out how to use them and merge them into one image. I will figure it out somehow.


      1. If you can still log in to the website and see a preview of the logo (without a website watermark over top) – maybe press ‘print screen’ on your keyboard (which copies the image), paste it into a photo editing program of your choice.
        Surprisingly, powerpoint works quite well for this, crop image, and right click ‘save as picture’ – that’s what I always do with the graphs & quiz results images!


  4. Deep logo. I use ASK.com. Their answers are more succinct than just “googling” . don’t forgot to punctuate with a question mark! Think outside the box and don’t do what the “sheepole” do to find answers.


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