Daughtry – ‘Cage to Rattle’ – Album Review

Chris Daughtry and his band are back with their first album in 5 years.  5 years is a long time to be out of the public eye.  Now before we get in to the review, I have a few questions to ask…

What is the difference between a Garbage Man or Sanitation Worker?

Custodian or Janitor?

Ghost or Spirit?

The answer is there isn’t really any difference.  I mean there is, but it is so slight that people know what you mean with whichever one you say.

Now another question…What is the difference between “Daughtry”, “Leave This Town”, “Break the Spell”, “Baptized” and the new album “Cage to Rattle”?

The answer is the same as above…very little difference.  All the albums sound the same.  I mean they really do.  It is like Chris took the playbook from Nickelback and Bon Jovi. He found a formula for his songs that worked and he has continually regurgitated that same song over and over again with different song titles.


This new album could easily be confused with any of his other albums.  The biggest difference now is that this album lacks any heart or soul and is about as lifeless as the ghost or spirit I mentioned above.  He started off his career a little heavy and has now turned into a soft rock act.

The problem with this song formula is that what worked in the beginning of your career doesn’t necessarily work later on when you are 12 years past that first album.  People change, musical tastes change and no one wants to hear newer versions of practically the same song you had before.  It makes it stale and boring.  The song “Backbone” is the perfect example of how bad this album really is.

At this point, I am beating a dead horse so I will leave it with this. If you are a fan of everything he has done, than this Daughtry album will be great for you.  If you were on the fence with him before, this one won’t help change your mind.  And if you can’t stand Daughtry’s music, be prepared to like him even less.

Me, I was a fan in the early days; however, nothing has changed.  He hasn’t matured in his songwriting and he doesn’t take any chances and try new things.  And what is even worse is I can’t remember any song on this album after listening to it as many times as I did.

Since it is an album review, I will give it 1.0 out of 5.0 because at least he kept the album short at 10 songs and under 40 minutes.  It has left a bad taste in my mouth and now I need a glass of water…or H20, whichever, since it is the same thing.


12 thoughts on “Daughtry – ‘Cage to Rattle’ – Album Review

  1. A pretty harsh review John! I agree with you that, for the most part, a lot of Daughtry’s songs sound very similar, some to the point where I confuse one for the other. But the couple of songs I’ve heard on this album seem a bit more ‘rock’ and less ballad than many of his previous songs, though you’re right that he doesn’t really break any new ground. I don’t quite know what it is with some artists & bands that they can’t seem to stray beyond their signature formula. It’s not that they have no talent, but perhaps there are just limits to that talent and creativity.

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  2. Whilst I came down on the side of “liking this album because it delivered EXACTLY what I expected from Daughtry”, I totally get your POV and agree how there has been no progression in his sound over the years.

    On the other hand I also wish that Taylor Swift had stuck with country and not changed her musical direction so …

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  3. I’ll refrain from commenting on your review specifically – what little I’ve heard from Daughtry since his game show debut is vacant, formulaic dish water.
    But I would like to offer a defense, if only situationallly, for the up side of a signature sound. I can be magical. I’d put AC/DC and the Ramones in this category for starters. But there are plenty of recording artists that showed only the minimum growth, if any, over the course of their careers but always pulled it off. It doesn’t work for everybody as your review can attest, but its not impossible to keep recording the same album and still offer something compelling. IMO.


    1. First off, I love the formulaic dish water comment. Fantastic. I did like his dishwater early on, but the suds have gone flat since then.

      Second, You are so right about the lack of growth has worked for other artist and the two examples are spot on. I did grow tired of AC/DC to some some degree..never the Ramones though.

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  4. Daughtry has been on our house playlist this past week, so your post is timely. I find there is a mix of ballads and rock in his music, some I like plenty and others less, so I don’t hear the “sameness” in any one album, let alone album-to-album.

    Thanks for your honest opinion and the heads-up on the new album. I like the subtle, if unintended, song references in your words, like “heart or[and] soul” and “ghost or spirit” [Daughtry “Ghost of Me” from “Leave This Town”].

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    1. Thanks. I wish I was smart enough to add those subtle references to songs, but I wish I had.

      I hate I didn’t like the album overall. It isn’t bad, just was hoping for something different I guess. It is what it is.


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