My Sunday Song – “Everybody Out of the Water” by The Wallflowers

For My Sunday Song #116, I am tackling “Everybody Out of the Water” by The Wallflowers.  The song is off their 2002 album, ‘Red Letter Days’.  It was never released as a single, but was used for an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigator.  However, I know the song from the album.  It was one of the standout tracks from that album for me.

The song is very aggressive and much heavier than anything before it.  I big change for the band.  It has this cool little guitar riff that is played throughout.  It is just a couple of notes repeated over and over, but it works and is really cool. The overall guitar work on this was really exceptional and made it a really guitar-heavy song.

The aggressive nature of the song also leaked into the lyrics.  The song appears to be about some catastrophic event, but is it a natural disaster, an apocalyptic event, or is it a metaphor for a relationship is all unclear.  That is the great thing about the song, you can make it mean whatever you want it to mean.

Being this is in 2002 and after 9/11, this could be a bleak view of the “New Frontier” after such a horrific event.  He states that “Got to learn how to pray / Love won’t be enough” is really a dark view point and a sign of that whatever we are doing isn’t enough to save us.  To me, this kinda fits the song that maybe it is a shout-out to those events.


But, if it is about a metaphor for a relationship, DAMN!!  Did that relationship leave him in a very dark place. Relationships can really do that so it wouldn’t be a surprise. Plus, bad relationships have made for some great songs over the years.

Give the song a listen and read through the lyrics and tell me what you get from the song.  I hope you enjoy it and have a Happy Sunday.

“Everybody Out Of The Water”

On your mark
Get set let’s go
You got to move on
Before she explodes
Look out the window
Lookout below
Back away from the glass
There she blows
The city’s been leveled
Hills are in flames
Streets cracked open
And they’re pushin’ up clay
Temperature’s dropped
Sky is grey
And it ain’t even over
Here comes drivin’ rain
It ain’t me
That you feel
There’s something moving
Around in here
That’s blood
That’s tears
This ain’t a warning…

Everybody out of the water
Up on dry land
Take what you can
Cause’ you won’t be here again
Everybody out of the water

Now I’m treadin’ high water
To get back to you
Been looking for a low spot
Or something to cling to
There’s too many bodies

There’s not enough room
God help me
And God help you
They say nobody panic
Help is on it’s way
We’re already on it
You’ve got to be brave
If you can fix it now
Then don’t make us wait
Man there ain’t nobody coming
Back away from the gates
That bell
That you hear
That’s hell
Ringing in your ears
I fear
That my dear
This ain’t a warning…


Now I’m looking up
And the shit keeps coming
Like shooting ducks
In a barrel of honey
Got to learn how to pray
Love won’t be enough
Admit it now
Your information sucks
As I slip
Down in
I think of us someplace
High on a mountain
Smoke clears
Fog lifts
Little by little
We rebuild again
Till’ then…


Written by Jakob Dylan

8 thoughts on “My Sunday Song – “Everybody Out of the Water” by The Wallflowers

      1. Deep cuts you got it! End of the album Gems as I call it!
        John, did you see that Van Halen Unchained Book that Martin Popoff released two days ago?
        It looks real good. Myself,Tbone and Mikey have ordered one! Decent price as well which includes shipping…
        Check it out ..I am no way affiliated with Martin haha..just into his writing which is awesome as he writes about bands who don’t have books written about them…

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Great choice! Always nice to see / hear some Jakob Dylan and Wallflowers… they’ve done some great stuff and some of their tracks are genuinely brilliant, though overlooked because of his name.


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