Turntables & Vinyl #18 – The Guitar

Turntables & Vinyl is usually about my vinyl collecting, but most importantly it is really a documentation of my journey through music.  Instead of talking about vinyl today, the discussion is on The Guitar.

I turned 50 a couple weeks ago and one of my goals for this year is to learn to play guitar.  Most people when they turn 50, their mid-life crisis is a fancy sports car or some 20 year old young thing that ruins their marriage, but I am not most people (not really most people, but has been known to happen).  When my wife asked me what I wanted for my 50th Birthday, I said I want to finally learn to play guitar so I want a guitar.

I sent her a picture of the one I wanted.  She replied back with several other possible choices and I said the following…

“…went through the list and still like the one I chose.  I love the style and color (it has to look good!!)…”

And she kindly responded back…

“Sounds great!  and, of course it has to look good otherwise your awesomeness would overpower it!”

Yes, that is why I love her.  Her sarcasm can sometimes out do mine!

I tried learning to play when I was a kid, but I couldn’t understand why I didn’t learn it in 2 days and my frustration level was not manageable.  I gave up too easily.  I am definitely older, but not sure if I am wiser.  However, I think I can patiently work through it this time.

So, Christmas/Birthday morning comes and I get all these guitar accessories and no guitar…I wonder what I am getting.  We get to the last 3 presents and they are marked 1, 2 & 3.  One was my guitar…big problem…or should I say little problem…this is not the blue guitar I asked for…3 Strings??  WTF???


Then my wife and kids tell that if for some reason the guitar doesn’t work out, then I should try this other instrument…


Oh joy, they have a lot of faith in me.  And if that wasn’t enough…they suggested I take up this next instrument…


Yes, that is right…a desktop drum set…and speaking of set…I think I am set now with instruments to learn.  My family thinks they are so funny…and you know what?  They are.

Now, here is the real Blue Guitar and the Amp that I will be learning on…


You need more pictures don’t you??



And by the end, I am sure I will be able to play this whole book of Def Leppard tunes I had when I was a teenager and wanting to learn, but never did.  Songs from Pyromania and High & Dry.


Anyway, My goal is set, my guitar is in hand and my awesomeness will outshine this guitar when I belt out Stairway to Heaven while sitting in Guitar Center just to piss off the people that work there!!

Wish me luck in my journey on learning to play guitar. Hopefully this tone deaf old dog will learn a new trick or two.  And hopefully I will learn more than just “Mary Had A Little Lamb”.

Thanks to my lovely wife for the guitar and thanks to Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen, Phil Collen & Steve Clark and thanks to Ace Frehley for inspiring this 50 year old kid to finally pick up a guitar after 35 years and trying this again.

Speaking of guitar…




31 thoughts on “Turntables & Vinyl #18 – The Guitar

  1. Great post. As a lifelong guitarist in my 50s I’ll offer couple of pointers for beginners:
    Get a tuner and keep it in tune.

    Learn how to change strings – this is especially important with an electric guitar – those things snap at the drop of a hat.

    Heres the last tip, and maybe the most difficult: Remove that whammy bar and put it away until you can strum a few Eagles songs.

    Good luck and have fun!

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  2. Happy 50th Birthday!

    That’s a blue beauty, no doubt! You’re gonna LOVE playing on that thing. And a Fender Champ to go with it, niiiice. Guitar is rewarding. It’ll feel like you’re in a rut all the time, but then you’ll figure something out and it’ll renew your love, time and time and time again. I wouldn’t be without my guitars (my lovely wife calls them “the other women, but at least I know where you are”). Congrats and happy playing!

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  3. I had one of those desktop drumsets, a gag gift from my lovely wife (I was a drummer in a band and have always wanted a kit in the house and this was her ‘compromise’). My kids destroyed that wee kit in less than a week. So it goes.

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  4. You’ve got yourself a nice guitar there, John. I do like the guitar and I keep threatening to learn to play it properly, but it just never quite happens. Still, I know the basics and I enjoy playing when I pick the guitar up… I learned more just by enjoying playing instead of trying to focus on learning… so my advice is to grab the basics and just enjoy it. It’ll fall into place as long as you enjoy it.

    And belated happy birthday…

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      1. Ha ha, yeah it takes time. You have to walk before you can run! There is so much info out on youtube know that is completely free. Also, your library probably has some books and interactive stuff that you can check out.

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  5. Congratulations! Ibanez makes the best intro guitars in the business IMHO. I’ll make you a deal, I’ll answer guitar questions if you answer my questions on how to build a vinyl rig in 2019. It’s so much different now than it was in the 70’s.

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    1. Thanks. I don’t know much about vinyl rigs. I just bought one off the shelf and hooked it up…after I pieced together the needle and counterbalanced the arm (which was new to me). Things have changed for sure.


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