Bryan Adams – ‘Shine A Light’ – Album Review

Bryan Adams is coming in concert to Charlotte, NC on May 4th, 2019.  I thought this would be a great date night for my wife and I so bought 2 tickets.  With each pair of tickets you buy, you get a copy of the new Bryan Adams album ‘Shine A Light’.  I hadn’t bought any new Adams stuff in quite some time so I was glad to get this and I thought, why not review it.  So, here is that review.

The first thing I noticed is that Bryan is more Easy Listening than he is rock now and I guess that comes with age.  And getting through those first two tracks was not easy to listen to at all.  The first song is the title track, “Shine A Light”, and was written by both Bryan and Ed Sheeran.  Yes, the Ed Sheeran.  It is a catchy enough song, but it is pure pop dribble.  And the second track is no better as it is a duet with Jennifer Lopez called “That’s How Strong Our Love Is”. Yes, the J-Lo herself.  Now if you can make it through those tracks, it will get better, I promise.


“Part Friday Night, Part Sunday Morning” is probably my favorite song on the album.  It is a fun, good old-fashion rock song that Bryan is really good at it.  Great tempo and great rhythm and all around good time.  Not to be out done is “Driving Under the Influence of Love” written with his long time writing partner, Jim Vallance.  Another rocker that takes me back to Bryan in the 80’s.  These are the two songs that should have kicked off this album rather than that crap before it.  It is uptempo and has a guitar solo.  What more could you want.

“All or Nothing” has the old Bryan guitar sound and is a mid-tempo rock song, but the chorus is what bothers me with this one.  The chorus is more generic and the song overall lacks any kind of heart.  Too bland. “No Time For Love” sounds like an old 50’s/60’s style rock song with a little rockabilly, a little piano and happy guitar solo.  This one picks me back up and is quite enjoyable.


“I Could Get Used To This” is another great rock track.  With all it’s “hoo hoos” and “yeah yeahs” it keeps the feet tapping, the head bobbing, and at under 2 minutes is a get in, get out good time.  Then we get the slow ballad “Talk to Me”.  It meanders along at a real slow tempo and comes close to losing you, but Bryan’s vocals keep you engaged just enough and it starts to grow on you.  At least it is not a real cheesy pop ballad.

“The Last Night On Earth” is another upbeat song that moves at a quick pace that feels like you are running.  The quick delivery and tempo makes you want to get up and dance.  “Nobody’s Girl” is not a bad song, it is more filler than killer.  Some nice keyboards, but too bland for me.  And then we get back to the cheesy pop song with “Don’t Look Back”.  It feels like modern Bon Jovi song which is already bad enough.


The best song on the album might actually be the cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Whiskey in the Jar”.  Bryan turns it in to a masterpiece filled with his raspy vocals, acoustic guitar and some great harmonica.  It is slowed down a little and brilliantly interpreted.  He turned it in to his own song.

Track Listing:

  1. Shine a Light – Delete
  2. That’s How Strong Our Love Is (feat. Jennifer Lopez) – Delete
  3. Part Friday Night, Part Sunday Morning – Keeper
  4. Driving Under the Influence of Love – Keeper
  5. All Or Nothing – Delete
  6. No Time For Love – Keeper
  7. I Could Get Used to This – Keeper
  8. Talk to Me – Keeper
  9. That Last Night on Earth – Keeper
  10. Nobody’s Girl – Delete
  11. Don’t Look Back – Delete
  12. Whiskey in the Jar – Keeper

The track score is a 7 out of 12 or 58% which isn’t great, but the keepers are really good and I have them now in my Bryan Adams playlist.  Overall, I would score the album a 3 out 5 Stars (barely) as there is some good stuff on here once you past those horrid first two songs.  Bryan still has it in him and delivers some really great songs on here. He keeps it fun and entertaining and that is all I really want anyway.   I can’t wait to see him live next month and will definitely write-up a review of that as well.  I feel it will get a much better review.


10 thoughts on “Bryan Adams – ‘Shine A Light’ – Album Review

  1. When you have a fella named Keith Scott in your band on guitar…Use him to the max! Crank him up! Scott is one of the best in the business!
    I don’t get it as this band rocks live but goes into hibernation on the studio release’s…

    I’m with you John have not bought any of his new stuff in a long time studio wise. I’m sure the show will be fantastic and you and Mrs will have a great night out..
    Adams is here in July in Tbay at our 3 day Blues Festival.. They sell no day passes just all weekend and too be honest outside of Adams and the Trews there is not to much else we wanted to see so we took a pass…


    1. Why would a festival not sale single day passes. that makes no sense. Who has time for a full weekend?
      Despite the album, I am still looking forward to a great rock show with Adams and his band. It should be a fun night.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. John they used to do single day passes but last year they did away with it and it sold out .
        This year the same thing but the lineup is pretty lame…
        I dislike the fact that they offer no single day passes.
        Thunder Bay sucks for letting these suits get away with it..
        It will be a great show..Adams/Scott/Curry…
        Hold up a sign asking Mickey Curry to play Fire Woman! haha

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Aye, Adams’ music is a bit to pedestrian for me and writing a tune with Ed Sheeran is unforgivable. And what the Hell is going on with the album art? What’s the concept there? This has got “stay clear” etched all over it.

    Still, I bet he pulls out all the big hitters at the gig. He’s certainly got enough in the locker to deliver an excellent live show.

    Liked by 1 person

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