Tuesday’s Memes – The Cure

Who doesn’t like Robert Smith and The Cure?  Let me see those hands…keep them up, I’m still counting.  I can’t count that high, okay put them down, let’s move on.  Today we are going to celebrate all things The Cure in this collection of memes.  I have been all around the internet gathering memes for the band.  And it took all of like 10 minutes as there are so many.  I hope you enjoy them!

Friday, I’m In Love…



Boys Don’t Cry…


The Smiths…huh????




And the Cure…




And the rest…



Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you liked and I hope you have a great day!!

10 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – The Cure

    1. Yep, you know I still haven’t seen that show. Probably because I am too cheap to get HBO, but also because it is out of protest. Being a Jon Snow character I get asked if I have seen it and I always say no (as its true), so I won’t watch it for that reason. And my daughter has a short that says, “You know nothing Jon Snow”…she proudly wears that around me.

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