My Sunday Song – “Contagious” by Collective Soul

For My Sunday Song #175, we are discussing the song “Contagious” off Collective Soul’s 2015 album ‘See What You Started by Continuing’.  The song was the fourth single off the album, but I don’t believe it charted anywhere.

After doing a slow Collective Song last week, I felt we needed a swift kick in the ass and this song does that.  The song grabs me because of one thing.  The guitar!  This is a heavy, hard-driving, guitar screaming guitar song.  The quick tempo, the killer riff that sounds like Collective Soul.  Jesse Triplett and Dean Roland’s guitar work is spectacular.  It has all the energy, the sonics, the vibes that scream Collective Soul. This might be one of the funnest songs they have done in years.

I have to talk about the song’s lyrics as well and this one is quite simple, not like some of their songs.  It is about a long love. I love that has been through a lot and come out the other side still together.  I love the opening line…’Together here we stand / Covered in our rust”.  That shouts a long relationship with that one word…”rust”.  It hasn’t been an easy ride as no relationship ever is.  They have had their struggles, but all is okay.


And that is all I have for this one.  Short and sweet just like the song.  Give the song a listen and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.  Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Sunday!


Together here we stand
Covered in our rust
It’s just a life of pretend
And that’s the source of us

Oh girl here we are now
Oh girl In between the days
Oh girl here we go now
Oh girl running through the haze

It’s been days since you’ve seen light
It’s been years since it felt right
I’m contagious news
And the words that you do shout
And the pride that you spill out
You’re contagious too

Together here we stand
Turning into dust
Nothing to forgive
And no one here to trust

Oh girl here we are now
Oh girl In between the days
Oh girl here we go now
Oh girl running through the haze


[Chorus x2]

Written by Ed Roland

3 thoughts on “My Sunday Song – “Contagious” by Collective Soul

  1. Your right this is a Rock Track in the truest sense, John. First time I ever heard this was on the Live release from 2017. Like that chunky guitar bit at the beginning.
    Great pick to wake me up this Sunday morning.


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