Motley Crue – “Helter Skelter” (12″ Picture Disc)

With Motley Crue back in the news and announcing a return to touring with Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, I thought it perfect time to discuss this really cool 12″ Picture Disc I recently found of the band’s cover of the Beatles classic “Helter Skelter”.  It is a thing of beauty.  It is a promotional copy and it was in mint condition.

How beautiful?  Well look at the picture above.  And if that isn’t enough, look at the picture on the B-Side…


Stunning pictures on both side.  You also get an insert with the lyrics on one side showing a refrigerator with bloody handprints on it…


And then the other side you get another band picture as well as the track listing…


And there is still more.  The last thing you get is a massive poster that is 23″ by 46″ and I don’t know if it had ever been pulled out of its casing before and unfolded. Well it has now, but only this once.  Back in the sleeve it goes after this.


All that is pretty sweet, but there is still more.  The track list.  On Side A, you get “Helter Skelter” and “Red Hot” both from the band’s current album at the time, ‘Shout at the Devil’.  Both are killer tracks.

But the best part is the B-Side.  On the B-Side, you get two tracks from the band’s debut album with the original mix from the LethÜr Records mixes.  You get “Live Wire” and “Piece of Your Action”.  These songs are freaking brilliant and I didn’t have these mixes, so I am super excited.  One of my holy grail items will be to find their debut album from LethÜr Records.  If you see it out there, let me know.  If it isn’t too much, we might talk.

That is it.  I am not going into the songs individually as this was really to show off what a great 12″ Picture Disc this was and I am honored to have it in the collection now.  I hope you enjoyed.

11 thoughts on “Motley Crue – “Helter Skelter” (12″ Picture Disc)

  1. I have two copies of the Leathur mix! My original tape was that mix. It’s the mix I grew up with and it’s the superior mix. Today I have it on CD in the box set. No need to track down expensive original vinyl! The CD version was mastered from a vinyl record so it’s the same thing.


  2. That’s cool John as in the actual SOTD album they didn’t print the lyrics to Helter Skelter. Well, my copy that it. Nice that it was kept in great shape and has those original mixes.
    Wicked Score.

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