My Sunday Song – “Disciplined Breakdown” by Collective Soul

For My Sunday Song #180, we come to our final Collective Soul song of the series, “Disciplined Breakdown”.  This song is off the band’s platinum selling album called “Disciplined Breakdown”.  The song wasn’t a single but didn’t need to be to easily be a favorite. The album ended up reaching #5 on Billboard album chart.

The song is about frustration and how things seem to be falling apart and he doesn’t feel it is his fault.  I believe the song about the frustration the band felt in recording this album and that his normal routine had been disrupted and it is causing the process he had for writing to breakdown.  Pretty straight-forward.

The song is full of heavy guitar and even bass riffs.  An instantly recognizable sound.  That repeat riff throughout drives the song into you consciousness and you find yourself singing that riff later.  I feel that sound adds to the frustration.  There is also a driving beat with maybe a little hip hop sound to it…although minor…I still feel I hear it.  Ed Roland sounds great and as the song goes on he seems a little angrier with the frustration building.


Give the song a listen and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Have a Happy Sunday!

“Disciplined Breakdown”

I never ever can remember
All the things that go bump in the night
Quietness uncovers
Betrayal now hovers
And my comfort levels not quite right
I’d love to stay and evaluate
But my torture can’t wait
It seems I’m losing ground
Welcome all to my disciplined breakdown

I never ever can decipher
Who listens to the words I say
While I sense I’m searching
I never know who’s lurking
To scare my sacred thoughts away
I’d love to hang and chat a while
But my mind’s become vile
It seems I’m losing ground
Welcome all to my disciplined breakdown

I never ever can contribute
To finding all the faults that sustain
Never mind the answers
To who spreads the cancer
When the questioning of why remains
I’d love to sit and rationalize
But my tongue’s become dry
It seems I’m losing ground
Welcome all to my disciplined breakdown

Breakdown Reality
Breakdown my ability to get it back
Breakdown honestly
Breakdown now deliver me
From all this madness and all this agony

Written by Ed Roland

9 thoughts on “My Sunday Song – “Disciplined Breakdown” by Collective Soul

  1. Great track to wrap things up, John. Ed does sound like he’s getting cranked up by the end of it.
    Look forward to the next series. Lot’s of interesting tracks to choose from by those Dirt Bags…

    Liked by 1 person

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