Tuesday’s Memes – Van Halen #2

It is time for the second collection of Van Halen memes from around the world.  With David Lee Roth now opening for Kiss on the End of the Road Tour and then Billie Eilish not knowing who Van Halen is, I felt the world needed more memes celebrating and poking fun at the band.  So, let’s “Jump” “Right Now” in to it.  Enjoy…

Gary Cherone…




Oh Sammy…



And the rest…





and finally…


I hope you enjoyed!!  Have a great day!!

15 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Van Halen #2

  1. I’m a Cherone booster. He did the best he could!
    The Billie Eilish thing is so stupid. As if I knew who anybody was at her age. At least she didn’t fake it and pretend she knew, like everybody at Coachella does.

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      1. They say Michael played bass on three tracks only, and has never played bass on a Van Halen album since. I knew right away his backing vocals were missing. I kept telling T-Rev, “There’s something off about the sound.”

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        1. Totally..
          Tell you a story, back in 98 the day this album was released me and Tbone were at a Big Wreck show in town here. Before they came on the local radio blasted the whole album through the P.A. Me and Tbone had our copies at home but people were well no one was paying that much attention. I told Tbone I think VH are in trouble..
          Than we bumped into a buddy at the show nad he said ‘this is VH?” Tbone quipped ‘VH’s fucked” haha
          In 98 or 99 we bought tix to see them in Wisconsin and they canned the show a few days before. Lack of tix sold.

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                1. yeah true Mikey. That sound of that tune was a dirtee grungey Halen. Amsterdam was a party track haha..
                  I got a preety cool 95 broadcast show of that tour and its not the Toronto one as I was at it.

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    1. I liked Cherone too. Wasn’t the best album, but he is always great.

      Yeah, the Billie VH thing was stupid. She made out like a bandit at the Grammys this year. And that was my #1 non-rock album in my year end list, so the Grammys got it right in my book.

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