BREAKING NEWS: Stone Temple Pilots – Gutt Out, Weiland Back In

In a surprise announcement, Stone Temple Pilots lead singer Jeff Gutt quits the band and they replaced him with the late Scott Weiland.  You heard that right.  Scott Weiland is back in the band.  Well, sort of.

The DeLeo brothers stated…”It was actually Gutt’s idea.  Jeff couldn’t take the pressure anymore of living in Weiland’s shadows.  As he quit, he screamed at us..”why don’t you just dig Scott up and let him be your lead singer again.  That’s what your asshole fan’s want anyway”.  So, we did!!”

Late one night, they went out to Weiland’s grave and dug up his bag of bones…


And for some reason, they stole the headstone too.


In the weeks that followed, they worked with Scott’s skeleton and got him back in to shape for singing.  Drummer, Eric Kreitz stated, “It was really a difficult time for Scott.  He was having trouble getting his bones to move in that old Weiland swagger, but eventually he found his groove.”

Below, we have an exclusive leaked photo of Weiland on stage all dressed up for rehearsals and he looks great…


And later in the show, for some reason he takes all his clothes off…but he still has the megaphone…

3d cartoon skeleton

The band has announced a surprise show for tonight, April 1st 2020…That is right…APRIL FOOL’S!!!!  As if you didn’t know already.

NOTE:  This post is not endorsed in anyway by STP.  Jeff Gutt does not think the STP fans are assholes, well except for maybe a handful of you (you know who you are).  Jeff Gutt did not quit the band and is still a thriving member and a great singer and this post no way states that he isn’t.  Scott Weiland is still buried in his grave and no harm was actually brought to his skeleton.  The images were all stolen and used only for fun so please don’t sue me. If you want me to take the pictures down, I will do so gladly and go steal them from someone else.

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