“My Appetite for Destruction: Sex, and Drugs, and Guns N’ Roses” by Stephen Adler with Lawrence J. Spagnola – Book Review

Wow, I think the title really sums up this book.  Steven Adler’s biography details one of the most destructive paths of any rock star out there.  The many overdoses, heart attacks, strokes, it is amazing this many is still alive let alone still able to talk or ever play.  Wait, lets not forget the suicide attempts and the times he spent as a quest of the penitentiary system.  I’m exhausted just thinking about what he went through.

This biography popped up on Amazon for the Kindle at the amazing price of $0. And I will say it was worth more than that price.  I really did enjoy reading his story even though it is the same story as a lot of rock stars except maybe more destructive and he actually survives.  It is told as if Steven is sitting there with you and talking to you and it is a simple, fast-paced and easy read which helps make it a little more enjoyable.


There are a lot of great stories about the early days of Guns N Rose, a lot about the dynamics of the band and his friendship with Slash (and that friendship had some bumps).  The sex talk is graphic, the drug use is graphic and the stories keep on coming which is amazing to think he could actually remember as fucked up as he was.

I found his story about his exit from the band interesting as well as sad.  How he was screwed out of all royalties and benefits, but later won them back when he finally had his day in court.  I don’t think I knew that story prior so I enjoyed that little trinket of information.

Steven didn’t have a normal childhood, nor a normal life period and the addictive personality he has was visible from an earlier age and something he will never grow out of.  At times it was just sad reading time and time again how he would completely fall apart and had no desire to let go of that demon.  The drugs had such power over him and should be a lesson for so many people not to start down that road.

I will give it a 3.5 out of 5.0 Stars.  It was a little repetitive at times with story after story of drug use and sex (he had a lot of sex at like 14…crazy), but there are enough GNR stories to make this worth a read for any fan. I got through it pretty quick so it definitely kept my interest and as I said earlier, it is an easy read and doesn’t bog down in too much descriptive narrative.  If you come across it, give it a try!

9 thoughts on ““My Appetite for Destruction: Sex, and Drugs, and Guns N’ Roses” by Stephen Adler with Lawrence J. Spagnola – Book Review

  1. I have seen this book everywhere but I never took the plunge to buy it, I found the Duff book the best out of the official books so to speak. Slash one was ok but Duff’s was a great crazy read and he’s one smart dude.

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      1. The price was right here, can’t argue with the return on $ investment!
        And am I remembering correctly that Duff became a financial advisor/planner for celebrities, helping them to protect & not squander their earnings?

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    1. I read mine through my Kindle and think I got it free one day. You have to be patient and watch it everyday to see if the price changes. It was either free or really, really cheap like $1.99 or something.


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