Garth Brooks – ‘Legacy’ Box Set – Album Review

Now I am not a huge Country Music fan, but there are some artist that I can’t help but like. I grew up in the South so Waylon, Willie and Johnny are staples. But there was one artist I gravitated towards and that was Garth Brooks. I actually don’t own anything he has, but I did at one time or another. When Amazon was doing their Black Friday Deals, these Legacy Box Sets popped up so I took a look. Normally these sets run for about $60 and that is way too much for me to spend as a casual fan (I say casual, but I did drive to Greensboro, NC from Charlotte, NC to see Garth live and it was worth it). The price on the box set was $19.50…SOLD!!!!

What did I get for that price? I got 7 LPs and 7 CDs all housed in a wonderful box…thus the name…box set. Here is the Hype sticker to give you an idea of what I got for my money…

I would say that is a lot of stuff. It is all housed in this well constructed thick cardboard box with this whole Astronaut theme. You’ve seen the cover at the top of the post and here is the back cover.

There are actually 3 Editions of this set. There is an analog edition, a digital edition and the one I have which is the Limited Edition which includes the Analog albums and the Digital editions on CD with all the bonus tracks. The limited edition also has a holographic cover as you can see in the rainbow colored lines above. There is a flyer included which talks about the 3 editions.

The set also comes with a full sized poster of the box set cover.

All those things are nice and all, but it really is the music that we are interested in anyway. Now, being their are 4 albums and a triple live show, I am not going to talk about the albums in detail at all. That is way too much. Maybe down the line I will do a detailed review, but this is really an overall review of the set itself. Here are the albums included.

No Fences (1990):

This album brings the classic songs “Friends In Low Places”, “Unanswered Prayers” and a personal favorite of “The Thunder Rolls”. Garth started crossing over to mainstream radio with this album and he was quickly becoming a megastar.

The Chase (1992):

This album had more great hits like “Somewhere Other than the Night” which is one of the coolest love songs ever. A couple other favorites are “Learning to Live Again” and “Face to Face”.

In Pieces (1993):

Garth was still going strong and it was still hit after hit and this time we have the fun “American Honky-Tonk Bar Association”, “Standing Outside the Fire”, “Calling Baton Rouge” and “Ain’t Going Down ‘Til the Sun Comes Up”.

Fresh Horse (1995):

I will admit that it was around this album I probably started to check out, but there are a few good ones on here including “The Fever”, “The Beaches of Cheyenne” and “The Change”. But listening back to this one, it really is a good album, but I think back in 1995, my tastes were changing is all.

The prize in this collection for me is the live show…

Triple Live (2018):

There are actually six different milestone covers on this live album. My version was the one called “Comeback”. It is 3 LPs, covering 27 songs and lasting 1 hour and 44 minutes. The sound is amazing, the songs are all classics and you even get the full extra verse version of “Friends in Low Places”. What more could you want. Out of all the albums in this set, this one will get played a ton. Hell, $19.50 would be cheap if I spent on just this one album. Here is the triple gatefold of this album…

I mentioned you also get the digitally remastered CDs with the bonus tracks. Those are housed in a nice cardboard sleeve that you slide the CDs in. I would’ve liked the replica booklets as well as that would’ve been a cool touch, but I will take it.

This is a ton of music and I got one helluva steal on it. Timing is everything some times. The next day, I saw Amazon had the whole set of 3 box sets on sale for $43…DAMN!! It is now back up to $140. I hate I missed that one, but really this is the only set I need. Vinyl’s are Analog, CDs Digital…it is the best of both worlds!!

I am going to give the set a 4.0 Out of 5.0 Stars and let me tell you why it didn’t get a 5.0 out of 5.0. The album choices really. I would’ve preferred the debut album and “Ropin’ the Wind” instead of ‘Fresh Horses’ and maybe ‘In Pieces’. His first four albums for me are his Legacy, but I am being a little picky. Also, CD booklets would have been a nice added feature as well. I think a missed opportunity with that one. All-in-all, can I really complain about anything for the price I got this at…NO!!! So I will shut up now. Thanks for stopping by.

26 thoughts on “Garth Brooks – ‘Legacy’ Box Set – Album Review

  1. I’ve always been a casual country music listener. Spending the better part of four years in North Carolina saw to that. While my favourite country artists are Hank Williams Jr. and David Allen Coe, I have plenty of time for Garth too, Nice write up.

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  2. Current River Band did ‘Friends In Low Places’ at a few of our earlier shows as I worked with a bunch of Honky Tonk Women at the time who loved this guy and to get them to our show I told them we played country and I was lying and had to deliver lol
    We were also going to take a shot at Mr Blue as well but it got nixed in conversation and we went with ‘Friends’

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    1. I can’t believe the price. It is nuts. If I would’ve caught it in time for all 3 sets for the $43, I would’ve done that instead, but this is pretty awesome for sure. And I think a lot of people are casual country fans. There might be one or two artists they like.

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          1. I’d lose money on that bet if you didn’t! Just sheer number of items in the box, not to mention mix of LP and CD, ought to be worth more for a shoppe! Not that I’m saying sell it – keep it if you want to haha!

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