Kiss – Eurographics Puzzle 1000 Pieces – Kiss The Albums

In 2020, Covid had the family home a lot. One thing we ended up doing was Jigsaw Puzzles. I believe we did around 6 during the year. What would happen is that the kids would get excited and open the puzzle and sort out all the pieces to find the end pieces because that is where you start the puzzle. They would work diligently and do the border and then they would slowly do less and less of the puzzle leaving me to finish them up…so I guess you could say I finished 6 puzzles and the kids started 6. My wife helped of course because she loves to sort the pieces out by color and get everything organized so we can get through it quicker and more efficiently. Yes, I think she is a little OCD, but I love that about her. Hell, even the apps on her phone are organized…BY COLOR!!!

Now for Christmas in 2020, the kids thought Daddy needs another puzzle so they got me a Kiss puzzle. Yes, why not give me one of my favorite bands. So, now I had another puzzle except this time, I started it, I sorted it and I finished it. No one really helped me because they are all sick of puzzles.

So, it was time to start it one weekend and I did what you always do, unwrap the cellophane from the box, open it and then dump all the pieces on the table…

And then it was time to sort the pieces and build the border which probably took an hour tops…

And I decided the easiest step for me is do the albums that are around the border because I know those albums intimately. I could easily see a piece and quickly know which album it belonged to and I built that up rather quickly. I would say a few hours tops (over a couple days not all in one sitting.

Then it got harder. The middle section had a lot of dark pieces and slowed me down a bunch. That took the longest part of all. It is funny how you can sit down at the puzzle and start piecing things together and the next thing you know, a whole hour has gone by and not much progress has been made, but once I got in to a rhythm and picked up on some clues, I was able to finish it up…

And then it was done…

1000 pieces in probably about a 6 hour stretch over about a week. Not too bad. It helped that I know the images, that was a huge advantage. Normal puzzles take me a lot longer as I am studying the picture a lot more.

I hope you enjoyed this silly distraction and send me pictures of your Rock & Roll Puzzles! Admit it, you know you have them too!!!

29 thoughts on “Kiss – Eurographics Puzzle 1000 Pieces – Kiss The Albums

  1. congrats! Such a cool puzzle. We have been doing the normal ones 500 to 100 pieces. My son likes doing them. His birthday is comin up and we got him Potter puzzle.
    I’ve been eyeing those album cover albums but haven’t got one yet.

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  2. That’s pretty ace… I do like a good jigsaw puzzle, though I haven’t done one (other than with the kids) in many-a-year. I’ve been tempted to buy a couple of those album cover puzzles that are out there and I’d found a site that was selling a range of ‘greatest albums ‘ puzzles (60’s, 70’s, all time, etc).

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          1. For you maybe lol! I have never had the patience to sit there and stare at all those shapes to try to fit them together. I am, however, REALLY good at taking completed puzzles apart, if you ever need help with that!

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  3. That puzzle is pretty cool! It’d be awesome if you framed it too because it looks too awesome to take it apart (but that’s just my opinion). Congrats on finishing the puzzle, were you listening to Kiss while working on it? Also, I’ve always wondered this, but why does Ace have blonde hair in the first album cover, then it’s dark brown onwards?

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