My Sunday Song – “Devil Inside” by INXS

For My Sunday Song #247, we are going to dive in to “Devil Inside” by INXS. Another track off the fantastic album ‘Kick” from 1987. The song was a massive success for INXS going all the way to #2 on the US Charts. INXS was exploding in the States and I was gladly jumping on board at the time as this is one of my favorite albums from the 80’s. The song was written by Andrew Farriss and the late Michael Hutchence.

The song is about excess, but it is also about the battle of good and evil in us all. We have a good side and we definitely have a dark side. The side that wants to come out and be really bad. When we start to wonder how the other half lives and jealousy starts rearing her ugly head, when we want the taste of flesh or lust…either of these things are lying it wait at the tip of our minds ready to explode out and let the dark side take over.

For me, the best part of the song is not the lyrics, but the opening guitar riff by Tim Farriss. It is simple and short, but so recognizable and for a band that always has some cool riffs in their songs, this is one of their best. Also, the other thing I love is the sexiness of Hutchence and they way he delivers those lyrics. The sultriness of the way they roll of his tongue it turns this pop/rock song into a sexy beast…roar!! Okay that was over-the-top, sorry. This album saw a band gel together and become so tight and this song is a perfect example, every guitar note, every keyboard strike and every bass thump and every pounding drum beat came together in a perfect combination to bring us this masterful pop song.

Give the song a listen and let me know what you think. The video below was actually directed by Joel Schumacher. Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you have a wonderful and Happy Sunday!

“Devil Inside”

Here comes the woman
With the look in her eye
Raised on leather
With flesh on her mind
Words as weapons sharper than knives
Makes you wonder how the other half die
Other half die

Here come the man
With the look in his eye
Fed on nothing
But full of pride
Look at them go
Look at them kick
Makes you wonder how the other half live

The devil inside
The devil inside
Every single one of us the devil inside

The devil inside
The devil inside
Every single one of us the devil inside

Here come the world
With the look in its eye
Future uncertain but certainly slight
Look at the faces
Listen to the bells
It’s hard to believe we need a place called hell

Written by Andrew Farriss and Michael Hutchence

26 thoughts on “My Sunday Song – “Devil Inside” by INXS

        1. By the way, those two sentences are meant to be distinct. The comment that there are things I dislike is in no way meant to reflect the review on wednesday

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  1. Love this song! Did I already thank u for this series? Made me dig out more Inxs albums and have really enjoyed listening to them.

    Watched utube document and couple of interviews too. Had no idea about that head injury. Don’t know how I missed that news back in the day.

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  2. Another popular video back in time. That Kick record sold some serious copies as well.INXS was everywhere back then. Not a bad tune now that I have not heard it on over 30 years.

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  3. My experience of this song was from the soundtrack to “Rock Star.” There have been some which said the song shouldn’t have been on the soundtrack. I wholeheartedly disagree! It is perfectly placed on it.

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