Queensryche – “Speak the Word” – 12″ Interview Disc

Have you ever seen Interview Disc out in the wild? I normally steer away from them as they were usually never of any interest. Over the last year, for some strange reason, I have come across two that wound up in my collection. The first was because it was a cool picture disc. The second was this one. I mistaken bought it without paying attention to what it really was. I thought it was a 12″ Single for the Queensryche song “Speak the Word”, but instead it was actually an interview disc.

From what I can gather, the purpose of interview discs were so radio stations around the country could have an interview with the band without the band actually having to go to each city to do an interview. It was all done for promotion. And I believe there are two types of interview disc. One is a disc that has all the answers from the band, but no questions. The questions are given to the radio station so the DJ can read the question and play the answer on the vinyl so it looks like the DJ is actually interviewing the band. That is what this disc is. The other disc is the whole interview with both answers and questions that the radio station can play the whole thing.

This interview disc is the one with only answers and I believe it is Chris DeGarmo, but I could be wrong. It was recorded on the road in Europe in 1988 while the band was touring in support of the amazing album ‘Operation: Mindcrime’. Both sides are the same answers so it didn’t matter what side the DJ played.

Do you want to know what questions were asked? Here they are…

  1. Operation: Mindcrime is certainly on the most ambitious rock albums in recent memory. What inspired you to make a concept album at this point in your career?
  2. Many people would have said the “concept album” was a dead issue in rock. Yet both you and Iron Maiden recorded them in the past year. Is that form making a comeback?
  3. Can you summarize the the basic premise of Operation: Mindcrime?
  4. Operation: Mindcrime is a challenging album to listen to. Was its complexity—both lyrically and musically—something envisioned before you began recording the LP?
  5. It was nearly 6 months after the release of the album before you began to tour. How frustrating was that time for you?
  6. Queensryche has enjoyed a fair degree of commercial success over the last few years. What will it take to get the band to the next level in of popularity?
  7. Let go back to time a bit. How did Queensryche first come together and who were the band’s main influences?
  8. You’ve been able to maintain a set lineup within Queensryche—something of a rarity in rock these days. What is it that bonds the five members of the band together?
  9. What advantages or disadvantages were there in forming the band in Seattle, away from the action in a place like Los Angeles?
  10. The band has has some great touring experiences over the last few years, touring with groups like Kiss, Def Leppard and Metallica. Are there any road stories that stand out in your mind?
  11. Tell us about some of you outside interests or hobbies?

I am not going to give you the answers as that is way too much to type, but with that many questions and the answers are only 10 minutes, so it really isn’t in too much depth. The questions themselves were asked by Andy Secher from Hit Parader Magazine.

And there you have it. Isn’t much to it and I am not going to run out and buy more of these unless it may be Kiss or Def Leppard, but it is cool to have anyway. Thanks for hanging around. Next week, I’ll show you the other Interview Disc in my collection…it is a picture disc.

24 thoughts on “Queensryche – “Speak the Word” – 12″ Interview Disc

  1. Like yourself I have no use for these. I’m really surprised KISS has not released on vinyl that useless bantering with Leno on the YWTB release. What a waste of space..lol
    If anything the packaging is cool.. great post Sir..

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  2. Ok, so there’s just a tad bit of hilarious vanity in these self-promotion discs obviously, but man if I were in charge of these interview discs and was part of a famous rock group, I’d really push the boundaries of conceitedness just to see how many interviewers would still do it:

    So if this was the 60’s, do you think the Beatles would open up for you or would you all co-headline a tour together?
    Your lyrics are obviously the most complex and brilliant of any band ever in history… I don’t even have a question… just complete appreciation and awe.
    Is there any song you’ve ever done that isn’t great?
    Cover songs are for losers… please expand.
    Your music appeals to every age group, every socioeconomic status, and every ethnicity… how is that even possible?
    Do you think the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame will have to build a separate floor for you all or should they just do away with the Elvis and Rolling Stones’ exhibits to make more room?
    So you once kicked Bono’s ass at a charity event because you thought he was being cheap on his donation to starving children in Africa? That’s hilarious!
    Rolling Stone Magazine once referred to you as the absolute definition of music. Thoughts?
    Do you all ever get tired of putting out double platinum albums?
    You’ve produced all of this greatness while completely sober?
    Tell me about the time you told Eddie Van Halen he wasn’t good enough to be the lead guitarist in your band.

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    1. Allow me to predict the answers to your questions.

      1. Well The Beatles are a bunch of blokes we respect, so we’d probably extend them the courtesy of a co-headline. But they’d play first of course.
      2. Thanks. We appreciate your support!
      3. I love all our songs, and so does everyone else. If you were a true fan, you’d know that.
      4. We only need to play our own music, and it’s cute when younger bands cover our stuff, and we don’t blame them for it. If we weren’t us, we’d cover us too.
      5. I went on a spiritual cleansing journey with Buddha several years ago, and it allowed me the insight into the world. Every connection between us was a means for us to exploit, musically speaking. Trust me, it takes an enlightened chap like me to write this stuff. I’d warn the kids off of doing something like this, they might hurt themselves leaping into the canyon of higher thought.
      6. I wouldn’t even think of being inducted. We deserve our own Hall.
      7. The Joshua Tree may be a great record, but Bono has a lot to learn about blowing millions in the name of charity! Like everything else, compared to us, he’s an amateur.
      8. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
      9. Yes, they should be diamond.
      10. My body is so advanced that it is completely impervious to intoxication or outside influence of any kind.
      11. We patted him on the head and said we’d call him if our rhythm guitarist was ever sick. He’s a nice guy, but being nice only gets you so far. You need to be on that next level to be in our group.

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      1. Well done Holen. If you’re not already the lead singer of the greatest band in the world then you surely should start one. You have the attitude and proper prospective already.

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  3. “You’ve been able to maintain a set lineup within Queensryche—something of a rarity in rock these days. What is it that bonds the five members of the band together?”

    Haha. Haaahhaaa. HAAAHAAA!!!! AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahaaa!!!!!!!


      1. That makes sense. Though I can’t imagine how weird that must’ve been for the potential interviewer trying to put together an interview using the interviewee’s voice on a disc (it’s like talking to an invisible human being). Or maybe I’m overthinking this.

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