AC/DC – “Through The Mists of Time” / “Witch’s Spell” – 12″ Limited Edition Picture Disc (RSD 2021 Release)

I really like Picture Discs. I find them quite beautiful and a wonderful piece to add to the collection. I doesn’t even matter if that is not a new song, bonus track, live version or rare track on the release. I still like to have them. For the June 12, 2021 Record Store Day, AC/DC had a limited edition picture disc that I didn’t even realize was being released. I only caught it because I was online and ordering the Def Leppard RSD release and noticed it. So, I added it to the cart, and sold!!

The Picture Disc is for the song “Through the Mists of Time” and the B-Side is “Witch’s Spell”. Both are on the new release Power Up and not some special mix or anything else that I can see. This is a Limited Edition and that means there are only 5,000 copies. I don’t know what number mine is as it doesn’t say that anywhere on the packaging. Mine has a sticker that says 14280, but that is handwritten and I think was added by the local store. No idea what it means but don’t want to peel it off. The release was made in the Czech Republic based on a sticker that is on the back. There is a Record Store Day Sticker on the front as well plus a little obit type strip at the top (no Japanese on it though) that lists the band and the song info on the back. And that is all there is to it.

On Side A is “Through The Mists of Time” and I love the white background with the band and speaks wrapping around the front. It is a cool shot. Speaking of cool, the coolest song on the album is “Through the Mists of Time” which is not a normal AC/DC title. It harkens back more to a Zeppelin title and has this nostalgic feel to it. And let me tell you what a breath of fresh air this song is and might be one of the best songs on the album. Over 40 years and they still can throw surprises at you. 

The B-Side is the testosterone driven “Witch’s Spell”. It is typical AC/DC…hard driving, great guitar riffs and balls-to-the-wall energy. Brian’s gritty vocals and Angus ripping away on guitar. What else could you want. They just released a new video for this song a few weeks back.

And that is all there really is. This is strictly for collectors and completist of AC/DC or for a fan of Picture Disc. That works as well. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this little show & tell.

19 thoughts on “AC/DC – “Through The Mists of Time” / “Witch’s Spell” – 12″ Limited Edition Picture Disc (RSD 2021 Release)

  1. I’m glad you like the picture disc! Personally, I like the “Witch’s Spell” side better with the red, purple, orange, and black blended together; and the crystal ball with the band inside. Annoyingly, the side from “Through the Mists of Time” was taken from the “Realize” video. By the way, “Through the Mists of Time” isn’t one of the best songs on ‘Power Up,’ it IS the best song on the album!

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  2. I like these John…I love picture discs also. I had a Sgt Peppers picture disc from the 80s…
    BTW John I’ve been out of action because of a server going down at work…hopefully I’ll catch up soon.

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