‘Scotch On The Rocks’ talks Ratt!!!

Tonight!! I join the amazing Derek “Dekes” Williamson and we are going to spend an action packed hour discussing those fun loving rodents RATT who had a real great run in record sales and tours in the 80s.

Nowadays they love suing each other and doing Geico commercials but we will talk what it was about RATT that separated them from the 1000 other bands that came from L.A almost 40 years ago!

See the pic above for all the info about tonights show!

Thanks to Teebone for the killer artwork!

22 thoughts on “‘Scotch On The Rocks’ talks Ratt!!!

          1. But now I gotta go take the car to the shoppe for an oil change. But first I gotta dig it out of the snow we got in squalls last night. Gorgeous! I love it. I will post for today when I get back.


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