Wig Wam – The Albums Ranked Worst to First

When I think of a country that rules in Glam Metal, my first thought goes to Norway!! Huh? WTF? Norway? Yes, you heard me correctly. Norway is home to the stellar Glam Metal band Wig Wam. The band members are Glam, Teeny, Flash and Sporty and no those aren’t the Spice Girls’ names. In reality, it is Age Sten Nilsen, Trond Holter, Bernt Jensen and Osytein Andersen. Yeah, the nicknames are easier to pronounce and remember.

The band’s first album came out back in 2004/2005 and showed the world that Glam metal was still alive and kicking. They represented Norway in the 2005 Eurovision contest and their song “In My Dreams” did really well. After that, they put out 4 albums and then they called it quit back in 2014. Then 5 years later, the band was back together. However, we didn’t finally get another album until 2021 and let me tell you, the boys are back!!!

I thought to myself, this is a band that needs to be heard so why not spread the love with an album ranking and since they only have 5 albums, it would be easy enough to do. So, grab a cold one and check out the Wig Wam Album Rankings from Worst to First!!


The final album before the breakup was for me their most inconsistent album to date. There were only a handful of great songs including the title track and “OMG (Wish I Had A Gun)”. Overall, I felt it lacked the fun they had in previous albums and left me feeling a little empty as there was no heart in the songs. It felt like they were going through the motions and maybe that was the problem and why they ended a couple years later. Maybe the spark was gone. At least it was with this release. The one the band does right is that on all but one album they do at least 1 killer instrumental track and for this round it is “Things Money Can’t Buy”. I always look forward to the instrumental track and they don’t disappoint.

#4 ‘NON STOP ROCK’N ROLL’ (2010):

From here on out, the other four albums are all worth a listen. This one only gets 4th because it is the one with no instrumental track…boo!! Otherwise, it is a slamming good time. If you love 80’s glam rock, there is more than enough on here to keep you satisfied. The album kicks off with the stellar “Do Ya Wanna Taste It” and with songs like “Wild One”, “C’mon Everybody” and “Rocket Through My Heart” you will have tons of fun. If you want a ballad, yep, got that with “Man on the Moon”. Crank it all and enjoy.


The album was originally released in 2004 under the title of 667…The Neighbour of the Beast and then after the Eurovision contest, they reissued it and changed the name and track listing to “hard to Be a Rock’n Roller and really highlighted the song “In My Dreams”. My only complaint with the album is it is a little bloated with 13 tracks, otherwise, it is still pretty solid. You get some great tracks including the title track, “Bless the Night” and “Car-Lyle” as well as two instrumentals. First is the killer “The Drop” with some wicked guitar playing. Then you get one that is sort of an ode to Van Halen’s “Eruption” called “Erection”. And it also has “The Best Song in the World”…I don’t if it is true, but that is the title.

#2 – WIG WAMANIA (2006):

This was always my favorite album of theirs, there was no sophomore slump with this one. I say was, because there is now one that beats it. It just rocks out start to finish with songs like “Rock My Ride”, “Gonna Get You Somebody” and “Dare Devil Heat”, but I really love the big ballad, “Bygone Zone”. It is as good as anything that came out of the 80’s rock scene. The instrumental on this one is the blazingly fast, “The Riddle”. Man, that guy can play some serious damn guitar. The album is over before you know it which means, repeat…repeat and more repeat!!

#1 – NEVER SAY DIE (2021):

Wow!! What a comeback album!! This album could be my favorite of 2021, but we will find out very soon with the year end wrap up. This album reminded me how much I missed these guys and how great they still are. This album is everything you love about the band and they aren’t trying to take you in a new direction. This is Wig Wam more mature, but still as creative as ever. “Never Say Die”, “Hypnotized” and the coolest one “Kilimanjaro” are all future classic Wig Wam songs. And I even like the ballad “My Kaleidoscope Ark” which I don’t know what that is, but it sound cool as a ballad. The instrumental this time around is not as fast, but it is elegant, sophisticated and quite lovely. I don’t think there is a bad song in the bunch and if you haven’t heard of these guys, grab it, give is a spin and thank me later!!

And there you have it, the Wig Wam studio albums in order of how I rank them from the worst to the best.  Let me know what you think.  Where did we differ and where did we agree.  What is fun about these list is how differently each album impacts people. What I like, you might not, but we like the same artist and that is all that matters really. And if as a result, you find something new, then my job is done!!!

32 thoughts on “Wig Wam – The Albums Ranked Worst to First

  1. oh my god man you’re a rock, I was’nt expecting something like that, the next time talk about kissin’dynamite, hardcore superstar or blackrain (from France).
    yesterday I listened leather boys with electric toys by pretty boy floyd and what comes around goes around by tuff and oh lord ! These albums are impressive, my favorite is what comes but leather boys is very closer.

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      1. After having listened to each album four times, I think my opinion is very far from yours. I like Wall Street more than you, I think Wig Wam tried different things and even if it’s not their best album I think Wall Street is as strong as the others. I don’t like Never Say Die as much as you do, but honestly I think every album is really great and no one is worse than another.

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  2. I’ve never heard of these guys. They have the “uniform” down pat – the hats, leather, makeup, head bands.

    I’m just throwing this out there, not trying to cause a stink. For their sake, perhaps they shouldn’t tour Canada. They’re bound to be cancelled due to their name. Come to think of it, tour Canada. They’ll sell more albums if they’re banned/cancelled!

    I don’t know you at all, but I’d be willing to guess that your collection is eclectic. Thumbs up!

    Thanks for the heads up on these guys. I’m still in discovery mode with regard to the Scandinavian glam scene. I’ll give them a shot.

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    1. I can help you, listen kissin’dynamite, vains of jenna, loud n’nasty, blackrain, towers of london, bullet, crashdiet, gemini five, the treatment, HEAT, malice in wonderland, reckless love, santa cruz, Niterane, the cruel intentions, Crazy lixx and of course hardcore superstar. The bests for me are Kissin’dynamite, Hardcore Superstar, Blackrain, Crazy lixx and Heat.

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      1. Merci! I have a few Crazy Lixx albums, along with two from Santa Cruz and one from Love Stallion. It’s great to see the music continue on. It’s great seeing all of my favourites from the era getting the reissue treatment.

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