Cinderella – “Heartbreak Station” – 7″ Single Promo

The final single in the 3 I found at the Charlotte Record Show is another from Cinderella. This time around it is the 2nd single from ‘Heartbreak Station’ titled…well…”Heartbreak Station”. The song didn’t do as well as “Shelter Me”, but did got to #44 on the Hot 100 just missing Top 40 Status. On the Mainstream Rock Chart it went to #10 so all-in-all not a bad run. The song was written by Tom Keifer (imagine that as he pretty much writes everything for the band).

And like with “Shelter Me” we get another French Promo single. This one wasn’t promoting a show like the last time, just promoting the 1990 album ‘Heartbreak Station. The B-Side is another deep cut from the album called “One for Rock And Roll”. I have to admit, I think really like finding the promos as they are a little special to me and to get a French one is even cooler. Look at the labels from Vertigo, really cool lettering and styling I have to say.


The single “Heartbreak Station” is a power ballad and I think one of their better ones. It is slowed down and Tom Keifer’s vocals are both haunting and sad. The song is about a woman that has left him and it has left him heartbroken. I guess she took the last train out and he never saw her again. Thus the name of the song. A real personal, emotional song that tugs at the heart strings and shows the band can do more than blues rock & roll. There are some string arrangements on here that were arranged by John Paul Jones…yes…the Led Zeppelin John Paul Jones.


“One for Rock And Roll” starts off slow with some pedal steel guitar by Jay Levin, but it is bouncy and a little chipper compared to the last song. It is a cross between country, blues and rock. It is another down home, honky tonk filled song that everyone is sitting around the fire, singing along and drinking beer! Hee Haw!!!

And there you have the final of the 3 I found at the Record Show. I hope you enjoyed them. Who knows where we will go next week. I guess we will wait and see. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

30 thoughts on “Cinderella – “Heartbreak Station” – 7″ Single Promo

        1. Listen to the crap that is on the radio now, the public doesn’t no the ass from a hole in the ground as they are willing to listen to the same 20 songs on the radio over and over again with no complaints. If that doesn’t sum up their taste, nothing will.

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          1. Well said….its like radio plays shit on a loop for days than changes it over….
            Our local radio is brutal when I was at work yesterday they played You Shook Me All Night Long twice in 7 hours…??!!

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            1. I will be listening to the pop stations when the kids are in the car and you will get the same artists almost every hour. not necessarily the same song, but same artist. And then when the switch stations, the same dang song as the other station is on the new one. Ugh.

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  1. Both tracks are standouts from the album. I can vividly remember cranking up the crappy stereo in my 1990 Corolla when One for rock n roll played. My younger sister would steal my cassette just to play Heartbreak station over and over.

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