You Picked It! – George Harrison – ‘All Things Must Pass’ (1970) – Album Review

Alright…You Picked It! And this one wasn’t even close. The winner had the first vote and never looked back. The winner was George Harrison’s ‘All Things Must Pass” which is now over 50 years old. Crazy! Here are the results.

  1. George Harrison – ‘All Things Must Pass’ – 10 votes
  2. Oasis – ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory’ – 5 votes
  3. Bryan Adams – ‘So Happy It Hurts’ – 2 votes
  4. Gnarls Barkley – ‘St. Elsewhere’ – 1 Vote
  5. Harry Connick Jr. – ‘Blue Light, Red Light’ – Sadly, 0 votes

Thanks to all for participating. The May choices will be up on Saturday!


I like the Beatles, but as far as solo albums have gone, I haven’t really followed any of the Beatles outside of the Beatles. Yes, I know a lot of Paul’s and John’s stuff, but Ringo definitely no and George I was a little turned off his music due to the song “I’ve Got My Mind Set On You”. I was not a fan so I never went back to listen to his older stuff. I thought it was about time I did so I included it on the list. Now, if I would’ve known then that the album was actually 3 albums in one, I might not have picked it, but I am so glad I did and it won.

Recently, the 50th Anniversary Edition of the album was released and if I’m not mistaken, my brother-in-law, Ryan Williams, had a hand in putting it together as he does a lot of work with Dhani Harrison, George’s son. That alone was another reason I wanted to check out the album. He did say going through boxes and boxes of never before released tracks was rather incredible.

I had to use the CD back cover as that was the best picture I could find with all the songs that was legible. We are going in vinyl order on the review

The album came out on November 27, 1970 and was the first solo album he did after the band broke up. But that didn’t mean there would not be any Beatles on it as both Ringo Starr and John Lennon were both guest on the album. And they weren’t alone. Other stellar musicians such as Peter Frampton, Ginger Baker, Yoko Ono (stellar is a stretch), Eric Clapton, Gary Wright, Billy Preston and many, many more. How could this not be good. In fact, it went to #1 in numerous countries and has sold over 7 million copies in the U.S. alone. Not bad, George, not bad!

There have been so many reviews on this, there is nothing I can really add but I will give it a shot. I won’t go through every song in any great detail, because we are talking about 3 LPs here so there is no way I can do that and keep your interest. So, here we go.


I will come out and tell you, I am listening to the 2020 mix of this album and the sound is quite amazing. I can hear everything crystal clear. The opening track, “I’d Have You Anytime” written with Bob Dylan while at Woodstock is a great folksy opener, but it is “My Sweet Lord” that grabbed my attention as it was one that I actually knew. It’s almost church-like sound and the harmonies on the chorus is quite stunning. I love the “hare krishna” parts in the song as well. But my favorite track is “Wah-Wah” as it is so contagious & fun. It is a dig at Paul and that makes it even better. Musically there is so much going on with horns, percussion and some great guitar work that every time I gave it a spin I would find something else I loved about it. “Isn’t It A Pity” (Version 1) is a 7 minute ballad that should be celebrated and was. It is about the demise of the Beatles and that bond and relationship that ended. It is a beautiful masterpiece of a song.

The flip side kicks off “What is Life” and that opening guitar riff is killer. It is an upbeat rock song that reminds me of the Beatles when they were rocking out and having a blast. Then George covers Dylan with “If Not For You” which actually sounds like a Traveling Wilbury song which I know doesn’t happen for years but would’ve fit perfectly on their album. George goes country with “Behind That Locked Door” proving there is nothing he can’t do. The organ sound is great and when I found out it was about his friend Dylan and elusiveness, it made the song even more impactful. The tempo kicks back up with “Let It Down” and then goes in to a love song that is sensual and little sexy. “Run of the Mill” closes out the first LP and it is definitely not what the title says. It sounds like The Band and I found out it is about McCartney…wow…no wonder McCartney doesn’t play on the album. Harsh.


“Beware of Darkness” starts off LP 2. It is a slow, very dark song, very spiritual and seems very personal which is always a great thing. “Apple Scruffs” is an ode to the super Beatles fans and I like how it has a whole Bob Dylan vibe even down to the harmonica. “Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let it Roll)” is up next has some great reverb and the tambourine gives it a nice touch. It feels dainty and delicate. “Awaiting on You” is another gospel sounding song. It is uplifting and uptempo and will lift you from your seat with your arms swinging in the air praising at the alter of George. The title track, “All Things Must Pass” closes out Side 3. It slows things down again and brings back The Band’s folky sound and tone. It is quite nice.

I Dig Love” gives us a soulful R&B type track that is also a little rock. It seems real simply lyrically, but it is another track that is contagious and out right blast. So catchy you’ll be digging love by the end. “Art of Dying” is a disco song. Was there disco in 1970?? Man, it is awesome. I’m getting up and dancing now…never thought this would happen, but it did and I love it. Then we get the reprise of “Isn’t It A Pity” Version 2. The other version was over 7 minutes and this one is stripped down to over 4 minutes and still just as marvelous. The second LP ends with “Hear Me Lord” and I feel is the closing song of the album as the 3rd LP is different. “Hear Me Lord” is another gospel type song with some amazing guitar work, beautiful pianos and harmonies to die for. George can really lay in to these gospel songs and make really move you. What a way to go out.

LP 3:

The 3rd LP is completely different. It is nothing but jam sessions recorded during the making of the album. George had the foresight to realize how great these were and that he needed to release them so why not tack on a 3rd LP to the album so everyone can hear. Thank you George. The first track, “Out of the Blue” is what a jam session is all about. It is 11 minutes of pure musicianship that is unmatched at the time. It is a blues song in every sense of the word. Sit back and just enjoy!! Next is a quick 50 second track called “It’s Johnny’s Birthday” sung to Cliff Richards song “Congratulations. It was sung for a Mr. John Lennon on his 30th Birthday. “Plug Me In” has Harrison, Eric Clapton and Dave Mason with each getting a guitar solo. It is a hard rock instrumental that will show you why these guys are all so brilliant.

The flip side kicks off with “I Remember Jeep” and has George, Clapton, Billy Preston on Piano and on bass is some cat named Ginger Baker. Jeep is Clapton’s dog by the way. John Lennon and Yoko Ono do the hand claps. It is a mixture of jazz, blues and rock…a giant fusion of all those sounds. And the final track is “Thanks for the Pepperoni” thank to a Lenny Bruce comedy skit. It is Harrison, Clapton and Mason again and think Chuck Berry for this jam. It is old school baby!! Pure “Roll Over Beethoven”! Pure fun!!

Wow!! Did George make a statement with this album. He delivered what is quite possibly the best solo album of any of the Beatles…and hell, it might be one of the best albums ever released. It is that good. Releasing one album is hard enough, but to put out a 3 Album set as a single release is quite ballsy and pretty much shouts to the world, yeah Paul & John are okay, but I’m so much better!! I don’t know why I waited so long to listen to this, but now I don’t know if I’ll ever stop! My Overall Score is a 5.0 out of 5.0 Stars because it don’t get much better than this!!

The next You Pick It post will be up on Saturday. Don’t know if anything will top this one.

36 thoughts on “You Picked It! – George Harrison – ‘All Things Must Pass’ (1970) – Album Review

  1. Glad you liked it!
    George had a lot of those songs stocked up from his Beatle days. Isn’t It A Pity is one of the most underated songs he did. George’s guitar playing was great on this album also.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. In the Beatles Get Back all of them work on All Things Must Pass but eventually leave it…a lot of these were rejected by the Beatles… George really broke free with this one.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Yea aroudn the White Album is when George really started to blossom with While My Guitar Gently Weeps… It’s a great problem to have in a band.

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I think they are actually worth the hype. So much great stuff and the band had an evolution in sound that was so quick, yet so accepted by fans. No two albums were ever really alike.


  2. It never occurred to me that George wrote that song. Al’s parody is right on the money too.

    While my guitar gently weeps is my favourite song from George. It also introduced me to Jeff Healey, the blind guitar virtuoso.

    Good review!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Glad to see you enjoyed this one – I’ll take George’s songwriting any day of the week. Ringo’s only post-Beatles output worth exploring involves a blue tank engine with a face.

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  4. I did my own review of this album a while back. Not quite as ecstatic as yours but then I’d already known it for a while so the joy of discovery wasn’t there. As much as I like this album, my favorite Beatles solo album is “Band on the Run.” For Lennon, maybe “Plastic Ono Band,” (though hard to listen to sometimes) and for Ringo, can’t name one. And no, the cancer known as disco didn’t exist back then as such.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I was excited because 99% of it was fresh ears. I still throw it on and it has been a couple weeks since I wrote that. I am now trying to decide which version to buy as there are so many.


      1. Clearly, a fan such as yourself must have the Uber Deluxe box set which, if memory serves, comes with a piece of a tree from George’s garden. I believe the price has come down a bit. Maybe Dhani can cut you a deal

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ha! $1000…ummm No. I don’t think Dhani could give me a big enough break. Dhani did give my brother in law the 5LP box set for free though. I wonder if he can get me one of those.


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