Matt Nathanson – ‘Plus E.P.’ – Album Review

In my quest for Matt Nathanson music I don’t have, I found another E.P. in my hunts. This one is called ‘Plus’ and was a promotional CD and released on October 14, 2003 which is the same date as his 2003 album ‘Beneath the Fireworks’. That album is the one I feel where Matt was finding his voice as both a singer and a songwriter. It is from this point on that his writing develop and went to another level. The stories were so much better and his vocals were hitting on another level. This is also around the time I started to discover his music and it would suck me in.

There were 3 songs on this album and all were recorded live and done acoustically. Two of the songs were off the album ‘Beneath the Fireworks’ and was from his debut album ‘Please’ from 1993 which was a collection of songs he wrote in high school and college. Lets go through the songs, shall we.

The first song is “Lucky Boy” which was off the album ‘Beneath the Fireworks’ but originally was off his 1999 album ‘Still Waiting for Spring’. It was recorded live on August 20, 2003 at Ned’s Studio. Now I don’t know who Ned is but apparently he has a studio. The song was written by Matt Nathanson and Mark Weinberg and is done acoustically like I mentioned earlier. It features Matt Fish on Cello which is a really cool acoustic element to add. The song is about a friendship where the boy wanted more and was always there for her to comfort her at every turn. She treated him like a rug and walked all over him. He feels it is a cruel world, but he was still lucky to be with her and in her presence despite it never going anywhere he wanted it to go.

The second track is called “Lost Myself in Search of You” from the album ‘Please’ and was written solely by Matt. It was recorded at the same time as “Lucky Boy” with Matt Fish still on the Cello. The song seems to be about a relationship where he is holding on too tight yet she is in bed with someone else. He kept searching for her hoping to find her again, but she has moved on and he just loses himself in that quest. It pretty much sums it up in the title. Yes, he does write a lot of sad, depressing songs but he does them so well.

The 3rd and final song is called “Sad Songs” is also off the ‘Beneath the Fireworks’ album and written by Matt and Mark. The song was recorded live and acoustic on KFOG’s Morning Show on August 28, 2003. The radio show is no longer around. The song is about a bad break up and yet you can’t get over the person and think about them all day long and all night. You listen and sing all the sad songs as that is all you want to listen to and you are just tired of it. You want to it stop but it won’t. It won’t end and you won’t stop thinking about them until it is ready to end whenever that will be.

And there you have another rare Matt Nathanson promo. Like the one I did a couple weeks ago for ‘Slow, But Speeding’, there are no videos to post of these songs on the Tube of You. Sorry about that. I hope you enjoyed and if I find any more, I will post them. Thanks for stopping by.

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