You Picked It! – Danger Danger – ‘Screw It!’ (1991) – Album Review

Alright…You Picked It! And this one really surprised me as I didn’t expect this one to get picked or many votes at all. But I am glad it did as I do enjoy this one a lot! A guilty pleasure you could say. The winner was Danger Danger’s 1991 album ‘Screw It!’ which is one I do have in my collection. Here are the results.

  1. Danger Danger – ‘Screw It!’ – 9 votes
  2. Neil Young – ‘After the Gold Rush – 5 votes
  3. Halestorm – ‘Back from the Dead’ – 4 votes
  4. Boston – ‘Boston’ – 3 Votes
  5. Miranda Lambert – ‘Revolution’ – Sadly, 0 votes

Thanks to all for participating. The July choices will be up on Saturday!


Danger Danger’s second album was not a repeat of their debut, but an improvement. It was more polished, more naughty and well…more everything. They recorded at in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl at New River Studios where Skid Row recorded their album ‘Slave to the Grind’. The funny thing is both bands put out singles called “Monkey Business” in the same year. Danger Danger was going to call their album ‘Monkey Business’, but changed their mind. I think they had trouble finding a name for the album and they said screw it! So, that became the name of the album ‘Screw It!’. And based on the lyrics in the album, there is a lot of that going on.

The band Danger Danger consists of lead singer, Ted Poley, guitarists Andy Timmons, Kasey Smith on keyboards, Bruno Ravel on bass and Steve West on drums. These guys were awesome. They were a true hair metal band and their music was the epitome of the genre. It was rude, crude, and anthem rocked out. It was one of the most sexualized albums I have ever heard and yet, even in today’s #MeToo Movement, I lover every minute of it. There is no denying their target audience with this one…young teenage boys…who had hot chicks as friends. I first heard of them because in 1990, they opened for Kiss. After I got that taste, I went and bought the debut and then was a day one shopper when this was released and I have loved it ever since. In fact, it is my #1 album on their Worst to First Ranking. I guess I have now spoiled the review…oh well…here it goes anyway.

I was asked to talk about the cover, but there is little information on it. I am sure it is a play on King Kong and they do have a song on here called “Monkey Business” that says King Kong and he has a thing for blondes which explains the girl. And I am sure the banana in her hand is a metaphor for something else. That is all I have on it. Take what you want from it.

The album opens with “Ginger Snaps (Intro)” which is a tribal drum beat and howling monkeys with a woman moaning like Meg Ryan in “Harry Met Sally”. I’ll have what she’s having. It all leads up to the pounding opener “Monkey Business” which is a pure glam metal rocker. Overly sexualized lyrics (that aren’t even the worst on the album), driving beats and a catchy ass chorus. It grabs hold and hooks you in and you sit back and enjoy the ride.

Then with “Slipped Her the Big One”, they stretch the boundaries even further and even your mom would blush with this one. It has a dirty, nasty groove to it thanks to Bruno and Steve. Andy’s playing is exceptional and Ted’s vocals are smooth, melodic and some of the best of the time. Hands down one of the best singers in that era. The backing vocals on this one are by Extreme…yes…Nuno Bettencourt, Gary Cherone and Pat Badget.

“C’est Loupe (Prelude)” kicks off the next track and it is dramatic, with nice finger work by Andy and some dark, gloomy keyboards by Kasey. “Beat the Bullet” kicks in and is a rather generic rocker and not the best on the album, but still a solid track thanks to Ted’s killer vocals. It has an infectious beat and some great guitar work, but still one of the lesser songs on the album.

Then we get one of the best ballads on the album and one of the best at the time…at least for me. “I Still Think About You” is a power ballad to be heard. It is so melodic, so cliched, but oh so damn good. It all comes from Ted’s vocals as I’ve said before, he was one of the best in those last few moments of the Glam Rock scene. What also makes it so good is the acoustic guitar work that kicks off the album before the full electric band kicks in. They pull the heart strings and bring the power in power ballad. Total perfection.

“Get Your Shit Together” is more L.A. Guns than anything else. A sleazy rocker that is celebration of the genre in its style and nothing but a good time had by all. “Crazy Nites” is more of the same. A rocker that screams party, party, party.

Then comes “Puppet Show” which is a minute of Andy Timmons showing what a monster player he is. It is a great set-up for the next song, the brilliant “Everybody Wants Some”. And I am sure with the theme of this album so far, you know what that the “some” is they want!! And this one is a pure and utter beast. A stadium anthem that will get the crowd in a frenzy and everyone singing along because we all want it as the title says. I’m singing along with it as I am writing this. “Woah Oh Oh, How About You!”.

If that song wasn’t good enough, then we got another one of the best songs on the album with “Don’t Blame it On Love”. It takes the best of Bon Jovi and the glam era and turns it up a notch. It is catchy as hell and as contagious as any sexual disease you could catch from listening to this album.

Then the band slows things down with another ballad and this one is more Bon Jovi styled ballading with “Comin’ Home”. It is more cheesy than the first ballad on here and is more generic too. It doesn’t mean it is bad, only that it doesn’t hold up as well as others in the genre. But it also shows the vocal talents of Ted as his vocals back were slick and smooth and utter perfection. The man can sing.

“Horny S.O.B” is up next and what could it possibly be about? Hmmm! It is a heavy rocker, almost speed metal fast and a total blast. They throw in the obligatory talk-box effect that every glam album needs thanks to Bon Jovi. Lyrically is so over-the-top but it is another one that is so damn catchy you can’t help but like. That is thing with this album for me…you want to hate it for its blatant over sexualized lyrics but you can’t. It just works.

If two ballads wasn’t enough, we get another with “Find Your Way Back Home” and it brings the feels. Ted’s emotive vocals just ooze feelings and with the emotion they pull from the keyboards, you get drawn in and are sucked up in those feels. It is that good.

“Just What the Doctor Ordered” was originally available on the Japanese edition…wait that is what I have so that is why I have it. It is a banger, fast-paced rocker and very typical of the genre. Nothing overly special, but ain’t bad either. I do see why it wasn’t on the original U.S. release, but still sounds cool here.

“Yeah, You Want It!” is Danger Danger going hip-hop. It is the band having a total blast. The Extreme boys are back contributing to the raps. You can’t help but laugh and smile with this one. It is a throw-away track that you can’t help but love every second of it. And why is there a barking dog in it?? “D.F.N.S.” is another throwaway that is a behind the scenes look at the band just partying. They are singing, rather drunkenly “Get Your Shit Together”. I do like when bands throw these on the album. It shows they are enjoying what they do.

Then we get two live bonus tracks from the band from their E.P. ‘Down And Dirty Live’ from 1989. The first is “Groove or Die” which is Andy Timmons shredding his ass off. And Andy is a very underrated player. The other song is “Boys Will Be Boys” from the debut album. What it gives us is a look at how great Ted’s vocals were live. Not much different than the studio version. A solid track.

And there you have it. Danger Danger’s Screw It! is everything that was wrong with the genre back in the day. Steel Panther probably looked at them and came up with their parody idea. Seriously, it is that over the top and cheesy. But for me, it worked on every level. I couldn’t help but enjoy it. The production value was top notch, the songs had hooks, melodies and solos. There were rockers and ballads and all of it turned out to be so much fun. If you want something that is totally mindless and yet so good at the same time…this is for you. It requires no thought. Pure listening pleasure. If you are feeling a little down, this will lift you up. My Overall Score is a 5.0 out of 5.0 Stars. I listen to this, I don’t skip anything. I know what I’m getting and is what I am in the mood to hear. And it never fails to make me smile.

13 thoughts on “You Picked It! – Danger Danger – ‘Screw It!’ (1991) – Album Review

  1. It’s one of the best albums of the decade. At first I liked more “I Still Think About You” but now I prefer “Comin’ Home”. I really like the quality o the album. Each song is awesome (well, if we don’t count “Yeah You Want It) and Andy Timmons is a super good guitarist

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  2. Good review. They’re a guilty pleasure. They’re fun live too, though I never got to see them in that era.

    Am I the only one who thinks that Ted looks a lot like Michael Starr these days? That was my first thought as I opened my copy of Tokyo Motor Fist’s Lions.

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  3. This album got a no skull review in an Australian mag when it came out. And I said to myself, I need to get it. Lol.

    When they do melodic rock they do it great and it’s those tracks that keep me coming back to the album.

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