Loverboy – “Heaven In Your Eyes” (1986) from the Original Soundtrack of the Paramount Motion Picture ‘Top Gun’ – 7″ Single

In 1986, one of the biggest movies was ‘Top Gun’ starring then upcoming & coming star Tom Cruise. The soundtrack was just as big thanks to Kenny Loggins’ song “Danger Zone” (which went to #2) and Berlin’s beautiful ballad “Take My Breath Away” (which went to #1). I also loved Cheap Trick’s “Mighty Wings” even though it didn’t chart. Another big song on the album was by Loverboy and the song “Heaven in Your Eyes”. It went all the to #12 so that is 3 Top 40 songs off the same soundtrack and a soundtrack that went to #1 and has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. Not too shaby. Sadly, today, soundtracks aren’t that popular and we don’t usually get them like they made back in the 80’s and 90’s.

“Heaven In Your Eyes’ was written originally by Mae Moore and John Dexter, however, when the song ended up the soundtrack both Mike Reno and Paul Dean were able to get credits added even though I am not sure how much they contributed. The song is not on any of the band’s studio albums but you can get it on their greatest hits package titled ‘Big Ones’ which is a great one to have in the collection if you see it out and about.


The song is a power ballad and it is quite sensational. Mike Reno’s vocals are so suited for such an emotive song. The song seems to be about two people that are struggling to be together. The are having their problems but the one person knows she is the one for him as he sees the heaven in her eyes. They are meant to be together and he is trying to convince her of that fact, but not in a whole stalker kind of way. The drum beat is great and the keyboards are used effectively but it does date the song a little in the 80’s.

An interesting fact on the music video. The keyboardist, Doug Johnson, does not appear in the video because he had issues with the fact that the movie glamorized war and the military…which of course it does…no doubt about that. Check it out…


The B-Side on the single is actually another Loverboy song and not one from the soundtrack which is a little surprising but not unappreciated. The song is “Friday Night” off the band’s most recent album at the time ‘Lovin’ Every Minute of It’. To offset the power ballad on the A-Side, they put on a pure rocker. Upbeat, energetic with some great riffs and solo from Reno and killer high notes from Mike Reno. The rhythm section of Scott Smith on bass and Matt Frenette on drums was also a key driver on the song. A great deep track from the album (even though it is the 3rd song on it).

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17 thoughts on “Loverboy – “Heaven In Your Eyes” (1986) from the Original Soundtrack of the Paramount Motion Picture ‘Top Gun’ – 7″ Single

  1. Was there a prom were that Berlin song was not the theme song?

    Love Loverboy. Fun facts in your review. Think I have most Loverboy albums. Working for the weekend never gets old.

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    1. Ha Ha. Well, it was either at my 1987 senior prom or 1986 homecoming dance that “Heaven in your Eyes” was the featured song. I think it was the prom. So that’s one I guess 😉

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