Night Ranger – “Wasted Time” / “Free” – 7″ Single (Record Store Day – April 23, 2022)

For Record Store Day, April 23, 2022, Night Ranger and Frontiers Records released an RSD “First Release” of two previously unreleased songs recorded during the recording sessions for their latest album ATBPO (And the Band Played On). That is right, two never before released tracks. Now that my friends, is a single worth picking up.

According to the back cover and the stickers on the vinyl, the A-Side is “Wasted Time” and the B-Side is called “Free”. However, that is not what you get. The A-Side of “Wasted Time” is actually the song “Free”. Which naturally means, the B-Side of “Free” is actually “Wasted Time”. Talk about a screw up. The Stickers are on the wrong sides. Oops. I find that pretty cool though, as I love little mistakes like that. The one thing that is not a mistake is the pretty Green Vinyl!! I like colored vinyl!


Now, I am going to review the A-Side that is called “Wasted Time” and actually review “Wasted Time” and not “Free” despite the screw up. The song is written by Jack Blades, Brad Gillis and Kelly Keagy. You have Jack on vocals and I feel the song is just as good as anything on the album so I am sure it was omitted because they had too many songs. It sounds like anything that could come off anything from 7 Wishes to Big Life. It sounds like a classic Night Ranger rocker. Catchy chorus, killer guitar solo and what you’d expect you would get from Night Ranger. Right now these songs are exclusive as there is no Tube of You video that has the song yet. Maybe soon.


The B-Side is “Free” and it is also written by Jack Blades, Brad Gillis and Kelly Keagy. Honestly, I think the 3 original members credit all their songs equally no matter who wrote it. Maybe that is why they are still together and putting out music. “Free” is a bluesy rocker and definitely more modern sounding. It would’ve fit nicely on the new album. Jack is on vocals again but if I’m not mistaken he sang most of the songs on the new album. Where I felt the album sounded more like a Jack Blades solo album, this one sounds like Night Ranger and that is how it should sound. No video for this one either so sorry you can’t here it as it is a decent track.

And that is it. I had my daughter pick this up at her local store near her college because I couldn’t make it to Record Store Day this year. My local store had run out. Hers had it but it would’ve cost $8 to ship, so I just had her go by when she had time and I got a few weeks later the next time I saw her. Hey, I saved $8…worth the wait.

12 thoughts on “Night Ranger – “Wasted Time” / “Free” – 7″ Single (Record Store Day – April 23, 2022)

  1. That’s a nice looking single. Kind of crazy too that this stuff doesn’t seem to be available to hear anywhere but on the record. That’s a rare thing these days, though I would guess the songs will get uploaded at some point in the future.

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