Back on June 18, there was another small Record Store Day for those items that were delayed from the main one on April 23. I was on the hunt for the Collective Soul first vinyl release of ‘Disciplined Breakdown’ and the Halestorm Tomb-Shaped Single which I did get both. I wasn’t able to get up and be there when it started so I was worried I would miss out. Around Noon, my youngest daughter and I headed out to our first stop Repo. Repo had the Halestorm, but not the Collective Soul…dang it. And while we there, we figured we’d look around.

I decided to go over to the shelves and look for some Kiss (like there was any chance I was going to find one I didn’t have. The Kiss albums were on the bottom shelf and to properly go through them, you have to sit on the slimy, sticky floor…it wasn’t that bad. When my bones creaked and moaned and I finally got down there, I saw a box sitting across the top of the albums that was not visible from above. A factory sealed Monopoly game with Kiss as the theme!! Hell Yeah!! I had been looking for it for at least a decade or more. And it was factory sealed!! Hell Yeah Again!!

Of course, we took it home and opened it because I want to play it and see everything. I don’t want it to be stuck on shelf and never get played, imagine how lonely a life that would be. It has the properties, the game pieces, two dice, houses and hotels, game cards and money…but all Kiss themed in some way. Plus, it had the instructions.

The properties consisted of album names, song titles and Kiss memorabilia. The houses were Gold Records and the hotels were Platinum Records. Instead of Community Chest and Chance we get Backstage Pass and General Admission. But the coolest part were the tokens…

You get Gene’s Axe Guitar and Gene’s Boot. You get Paul’s guitar and his Fireman’s house. Plus you get the Kiss Army Logo and Gene’s money bags (of course). My daughter insists on being Gene’s Boot and I don’t care, but I’ll probably pick either of the guitars.

As you can see, the game board is pretty simple and looks like you’d expect. On the original I love the Train Stations and for this one you get the Kiss Solo Albums which will now be my favorite spots. I love the fact the cheapest property is the ‘Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park’ that seems to fit. The most expensive is the ‘Kiss Platinum Gold Box Set’ which I believe was probably the current cash grab from the band. There is no jail, only a sold out show. And free parking is a picture of Gene and it is Free Money…that is probably two things that would never go together.

And there you have it. We are ready to play and I plan on destroying my daughter and forcing her to bankruptcy as fast as I can…mainly because we usually sit on the floor and my legs start to fall asleep. It is not me being cruel, it is me avoiding a blood clot!!

20 thoughts on “KISS-OPOLY

  1. The only thing I do not like about this game, being an unofficial Monopoly-like board game, is they changed certain details. The dollar amounts on the properties are not what I am used to. But that’s OK I never play it, it’s in storage now where it should be!

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