Gene Simmons: MoneyBag Sodas

Every year around this time, I like to splurge on something for myself that is not something I would normally buy. One time it was Gene Simmons The Vault, but this time it is a lot more reasonable and yet it still relates to Gene. It is the Gene Simmons MoneyBag Sodas. I’ve been wanting to try these for quite a while and I finally pulled the trigger. You have to order these online unless you live near one of the few stores that actually carry these sodas. I went online and bought the Sample set where you get to pick 4 of the 5 flavors and get a case of 16 drinks. I picked Cola, Root Beer, Creme and Ginger Ale. The only one I didn’t do was Diet…yuck!! Who wants to do diet when it comes to these craft style sodas…not me!! The bottles are glass which is a must for sodas and then one nice feature about the sodas is that they are all made with Cane Sugar…this is supposed to be a good thing, but who really knows if it is any better. I do like the taste with the cane sugar.

I was curious as to how they would ship and they did a great job. I love the fact that the box has the Gene Simmons MoneyBag logo on the shipping box…

And when you open it up, there are a set of 4 card board boxes inside…

When you opened the box, the drink carriers were sitting on top and the all look premium and fantastic…

And when you pull those out, they are very well packaged inside and out and luckily, no bottles were harmed in the shipping of the products…


I am sure you want to see how it all looks, but if you don’t, then stop reading because we are going trough all of the flavors we received. First up is Cola…why not start with the main one…

Are you curious as to how it tasted? It actually was really good. When I popped the top, there was a nice bubbly sound. I loved the caramel coloring and the taste was like you’d expect with a cola. It ain’t Coca Cola or Pepsi, but that is a good thing. I really enjoyed the taste a lot.


Next up is Creme…

The coloring is crystal clear and it too had that bubbly fizzy sound once you popped the cap. It smells like you’d expect from a creme soda and the taste delightfully matched that smell as well. It was smooth even with the popping of those carbonated bubbles in your mouth. This was the second one I tasted and I like it better than the Cola flavor. I do love a good Creme soda and this is one I’d buy again for sure.


Root Beer is up next and the third I tasted…

Root Beer is one of my favorite drinks, so how did this match up? Wow! This is awesome. I took a sniff and it smelled perfectly like a good root beer should smell. The coloring is fantastic. And when you take that first sip, the taste of that root of the beer is awesome. The bubbles popping inside your mouth is a nice sensation as the flavor explodes with each bubble pop. And after a big gulp, I let out a huge burp which is the sign of a good carbonated drink. Okay…this is my new favorite.


Ginger Ale is the final of the four flavors, let’s see how it matched up against the others…

The Ginger Ale color matched the typical drink like Canada Dry so that is a plus. There is that pungent ginger ale smell when you pop the top as the bubbles sizzle. When I drank it, I got that ginger ale taste so all good, but it didn’t surprise me or make me say WOW!. Now, it isn’t bad, but probably my least favorite of the drinks.

And that is all of them. I would rank them as follows…

  1. Root Beer
  2. Creme
  3. Cola
  4. Ginger Ale

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this walk through…now would I buy them again…you know, I just might. I would get the Diet one to taste it, but definitely get the Creme and Root Beer again as those were fantastic to me.  I found out recently that Gene has sold over 1,000,000 bottles so far since inception…not bad!!  Thanks for hanging out.


38 thoughts on “Gene Simmons: MoneyBag Sodas

        1. They are done well. I’ve kept all the packaging and the bottles (including the tops). And I didn’t drink one of each flavor so I have 4 bottles unopened. Hell, I even saved the box they came in.


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