Bear Says Goodbye – August 12, 2008 to January 3, 2023

For those regular visitors of the site, you might be familiar with Bear. He is my trusty sidekick who has sat by my desk most days I am writing for the blog and kept me company. We had to say goodbye to him on Tuesday and it was the hardest thing to do. He was 14 years old and been a member of the family for almost all of that time. He will be missed everyday as we will miss that face that lights up a room every time he would walk in to it. He has been a great guard dog protecting my girls, a great greeter who was always so happy when you came home whether you were gone for 5 minutes or 5 days, and an overall great friend who was always there when you needed him and never asked for anything in return…well except maybe some doggie treats and to throw out the cats with the garbage.

We love you a lot and will miss you dearly. Goodbye old friend…Here’s a look back…

We got Bear for my daughter when she turned two…they were best buds…she will be turning 16 soon.

He was a big boy already when we got him…he was 6 months old at the time…

He was always up to no good. There was that time out in the snow when he killed Tweety Bird…

Oh yeah, and that time I caught him smoking…

But no matter how much trouble he got in, he was too cute to ever punish.

Aside from always being by my side when I write, he joined in a couple of my reviews. Here are his two big album reviews from a long while back. He didn’t want to do anymore after these because he didn’t like the fame and the fact he was more liked than me. That was how humble and fantastic he was. I hope you enjoy these pieces of the reviews that Bear contributed…they were all his ideas too!!

Quiet Riot – ‘Road Rage’:

I asked my dog Bear what he thought and he decided to give Mike Ladano’s #0WordChallenge a try.  I think I agree with his assessment…


Alestorm – ‘No Grave But the Sea”:

Alestorm is a band that does Pirate Metal…Yeah, it apparently is a thing. The Deluxe Edition gives you the same 10 songs on the album again; however, they have an entirely new twist.  Instead of Christopher Bowes singing, you get a dog barking.  That is right…a dog.  All 10 songs done again with a dog singing.  And for that, I will let you know what my dog thought of the songs. I called in my dog, Bear, to give the songs a listen.   This is Bear.  He is an Australian Shepherd if you are interested…He already looks skeptical about why I am calling him into my office…


I play him some of the songs and he gets all excited and runs out of the room.  I go upstairs to find him and this is what I find…


Ahoy there, Mateys!! I would say he liked Pirate Metal sung by dogs.

Thanks for letting me sing his praises for a minute and remember the great pup he was. He will never be able to be replaced and I wouldn’t want to try. Thanks for 14 years of being a part of our family. You were the best Bear!!


45 thoughts on “Bear Says Goodbye – August 12, 2008 to January 3, 2023

  1. Your tribute has me in tears. So so difficult to lose a family furbaby and your affection for Bear shines through with every word. He looks like a critter with so much character. My condolences to you. I lost my Chauncey in 2016 and I still miss him.

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  2. HUGE part of the family as I call our two dingos, Fur kids… sorry to hear this but Bear lived a great life with a family who loved him. Thanks for sharing those pics…..Bear smoking lol classic

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  3. My condolences, John – that was a wonderful tribute. I love that line about his excitement being the same whether you were returning after 5 minutes or 5 days, he sounds like he was a great friend & member of the family

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  4. Oh man! John, I am really sorry hear about Bear! I am new to your blog but already feel like part of the fam. Keep the good memories close to your heart buddy!

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  5. A wonderful tribute John…I’m so sorry. I know how hard it can be. We have had 3 Saint Bernards and 2 of them passed right at 9 years old…they just don’t live a long time. Some non pet people don’t get it…they are family period.

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