My Sunday Song – “Sweet Euphoria” by Chris Cornell

For My Sunday Song #337, we are going to explore the song “Sweet Euphoria” by Chris Cornell. The song was off his debut solo album ‘Euphoria Morning’ from 1999 and wasn’t a single but probably should’ve been as it is one of my favorites from that album. The album did really well going to #18 on the Billboard 200 list.

The song was written by Chris Cornell and the meaning can be different to every listener but to me it is about his struggles with depression or even bipolar disorder. Apparently, euphoria is a symptom of bipolar disorder in a roundabout way. You have the depression side, but there is also the mania side that can make you be full of energy, full of great ideas that might seem like it euphoria. That up and down feeling can be exhausting and so hard to handle and he battled with it and hid it well most of the time. The song feels like his confession and an opening up of his problems.

Musically, it is just Chris with his voice, armed with his lyrics and an acoustic guitar. The song feels like pain, like sorrow, like sadness and at the end when he screams “save my love’ it almost devastatingly heartbreaking. There is nothing else to it and yet, it is more than enough to convey his feelings and for something so sad, it is also so hauntingly beautiful. This might be the most powerful song he’s ever written.

Give the song a listen and let me know what you think. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful and Happy Sunday!!

“Sweet Euphoria”

Sweet Euphoria
Mine is the heart you own
You lost the grace of the hands that harmed you
In the daze of a thousand yawns
Lost my love
As it is I’m truly gone

In your morning I will sleep
Fire on an open palm
Death for Jesus and plastic armies
Wouldn’t bring me back again
Sweet as ether eyes I’m blind to them

And in your aching hour
Time wilts like flowers
Sleeping on land-mine pillows
Tired angels
Save my love for the lasting one

Sweet Euphoria
Mine is the heart you stole
Touched and broken are the things you love
Using stars to light your candles
Warms my face but I can’t remember yours

Gone are your dandelions, falling like mine
Falling like daydream mangoes
Diving swallows
Save my love
Save my love
Save my love
For the lasting one
Sweet Euphoria

Written by Chris Cornell


20 thoughts on “My Sunday Song – “Sweet Euphoria” by Chris Cornell

      1. Your nobility will be admired for generations. Turning the other cheek like Eddie with his arms out at their unplugged show like he was Jesus being crucified. He definitely knew true humility!

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  1. I wasn’t ready for this album when it came out. Too mellow. Gave my copy to a friend of mine. Got a new one a long ago, but still haven’t warmed up to this one. Maybe on the next spin?

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