The Fixx – ‘Reach the Beach’ (1983) – Album Review

It is time for a throwback album review. I was flipping through the stacks and saw this and grabbed it. I hadn’t heard it in a long while, but suddenly I wanted to hear it. So, I played it then the next day, played it again. I then said, heck, let’s play it again and then decided I want to write about it so here we are.

The Fixx were a big New Wave band out London, Engalnd from the early 80’s and consisted of Singer Cy Curnin, Guitarist Jamie West-Oram, Drummer Adam Woods and Keyboardist Rupert Greenall. There was no bass player for this album, per se, as they went through a couple. Their regular bass player Alfie Agius quit before the album was complete and then they brought in Dan Brown but he wasn’t made a full fledge member until after the Tour I believe. Oh yeah, that Dan Brown is not the writer Dan Brown of ‘The Da Vinci Code’.

The Fixx were huge on MTV and their videos were in constant rotation. I really enjoyed the songs and after the album came out on May 15, 1983, I eventually bought it. I didn’t catch them on tour with this album, but on November 20, 1984 I caught them on tour with their next album ‘Phantom’, but the only reason I was going was from this album, ‘Reach the Beach’.

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