My Sunday Song – “Afraid” by Motley Crue

For My Sunday Song #185, we will discuss “Afraid” by Motley Crue off their 1997 release ‘Generation Swine’.  This was the first single off the album and first single to feature Vince Neil back in the band. The song reached #10 on the rock charts, but I don’t remember much noise being made as music had changed significantly.

The song was written by Nikki Sixx and was about his relationship with Donna D’Errico.  As she felt she was getting to close to him, she ended up running away.  I think he feels she is so broken that she is incapable of a relationship.  That fear of being too close to anyway; heck, I think that is something we have all felt at one time or another.

Musically, the song rocks out, they tried to modernize their sound to fit the late 90’s and they do a good job.  However, it sounds like Motley Crue like it should.  They didn’t try and turn it in to anything grunge thankfully as Grunge was kind of over at this point.  The guitar work by Mick is great, loud and heavy, but has a melodic feel that gives the tune some solid emotion.  Nikki and Tommy lay down the groove and keep a great rhythm.  Vince sounds fantastic.  The trademark little screams and it was nice to hear the band back together again.

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