David Bowie – “Blue Jean” (1984) – 45 Single

I found this one at Noble Records in Mathews, NC back when I found those two Quiet Riot 45’s reviewed the last two weeks. When I saw it was Bowie, what else would you do but grab it and buy it, no questions asked. The song is off Bowie’s 1984 album ‘Tonight’ which was the follow-up to the smash album ‘Let’s Dance’. The song was the first single off the album and went to #8 on the Billboard Charts and helping the album go to #11 on the charts and selling over 1 million copies. But after, ‘Let’s Dance’, it was considered a let down.

My copy of the album isn’t the standard release. It is the Jacksonville Pressing that was done on a translucent blue vinyl. It had the same B-Side of “Dancing with the Big Boys” which was also from the album. Otherwise, it isn’t a limited edition or anything just one with the cool blue color. I like Blue and being the song is “Blue Jean”, the color is an obvious choice!

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