Ed Sheeran & James Blunt – Charlotte 9/3/2017 – Concert Review

It was Sunday, September 3rd and I was getting in a car with two teenage girls and we were going to see Ed Sheeran in concert at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC.  I must be a glutton for punishment.  For the pre-concert experience I was serenaded rather loudly the whole way to the show.  I was able to hear such classics as “Hunt you Down” by Kesha, Taylor Swift’s new song “Ready For It”, and several of my all time favorite songs from High School Musical 2 including “Fabulous” by Sharpay (sadly I know this and yes I am being sarcastic).  At least they did throw in “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen.  All this was prep for me being surrounded by thousands of screaming Ed Sheeran fans (two of which started screaming before we even arrived).

We arrived in plenty of time before the show as I do not like to be rushed.  Nothing worse than being stressed out to go do something you enjoy like going to concerts.  We made the way to our seats and they weren’t bad at all.  We had a nice line of sight to the stage.


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Ed Sheeran – ÷ (Divide) – Album Review

Ed Sheeran’s album came out on Friday and my oldest daughter couldn’t be happier.  She has been streaming the album almost non-stop since.  I am sure I will have to go out and get her the vinyl real soon which I am okay with because I would listen to it as well.

Sheeran’s new album is called Divide (÷) and is his third album in his young career.  Ed isn’t like all the other pop artist on the radio.  He actually writes his songs and plays his instruments as well.  I would even go as far as saying he is a musician and not just a prop for someone else’s songs.

The album has been breaking Spotify streaming records and is getting a lot of press.  As a result, going into this record I had pretty high expectations.  His first single, “Shape of You” is outstanding and has been blowing up the charts.  It is a pop, dance song about new love and the song currently is still my favorite song on the album, but some others are catching up as I keep hitting repeat on the album myself.

The album opens with “Eraser” and has Ed Sheeran doing a little rapping which comes as no surprise since he has done it before and he is a huge hip hop fan.  The song talks about his struggles with fame which he doesn’t expect you to feel sorry for him.  I could imagine how hard fame really can be and understand the way he feels.  It would be hard to have success so fast and all sense of privacy being stripped away.  The song is great start to the album.

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