My Sunday Song – “Bully” by Shinedown

For My Sunday Song #323, we are talking about bullies with the song “Bully” by Shinedown. The song was the first single off their 2012 album ‘Amaryllis’. The single was released on January 3, 2012 and #3 on the Billboard Hot Rock & Alternative Songs. It actually did break the Top 100 Charts landing at #94. The song did go Gold selling over 500,000 copies which isn’t bad. The song was written by Brent Smith, Zach Myers and Dave Bassett.

The song is about what you think it is about…Bullies!! It is definitely not condoning the actions of bullies, but instead telling people it is okay to stand-up for yourselves against bullies. Fight to survive against losing your self-respect and your dignity. Leave the bullies behind and they will become a faint memory. Brent’s father taught him to box so he would stand up to bullies…he has stated he got his butt kicked a few times, but he would stand up for himself.

The song is a pure rocker and an anthem for the underdog. Brent’s vocal deliver is more chant-like and then the chorus explodes in to a full on battle-cry to stand up for yourself. The guitar riffs are contagious and catchy as hell, there a ton of melodies. The guitar solo electrifying and then at the end of the song a chorus of kids with voices of angels join in and amplify the meaning to not back down. It is a powerful song with a powerful message.

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