Survivor – ‘High On You” – 45 Single

For the past several months, we have been talking about singles that I found at this cool place called House of Vinyl down in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Well, this is not one of them. But it is from that same trip. I found this in a little antique store just down the road. I bought a lot of singles on that trip and I love them all.

“High on You” by Survivor was the second single of their album ‘Vital Signs’, which is the VERY FIRST CD I ever bought with my own money!! So that album holds a special place in my heart. The single was release in December 1984 and was written by the writing partners of Survivor, Frankie Sullivan and Jim Peterik. The song went to #8 on the Billboard charts and help the album go platinum and reach #16 on the Charts as well.

The song title had been sitting with Peterik since 1977 when we was at CBS Convention. At the show, Sly and the Family Stone was performing and Sly was so stoned that when he ran out on stage, he told everyone that he said “I want you to know people, I’m high on you”. (from Songfacts). That wasn’t the only thing he was high on. Survivor liked to jam a lot and the song itself came about from one of those jam sessions.

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