My Sunday Song – “Cut the Cord” by Shinedown

For My Sunday Song #325, we are diving in to the song “Cut the Cord” from Shinedown’s 2015 album ‘Threat to Survival’. The song was released on June 29, 2015 and written by Brent Smith and Eric Bass. The song is a platinum seller with sales over 1,000,000 and went to #8 on the US Rock Airplay chart and #10 on US Hot Rock & Alternative Song chart. It was the debut single off the album and helped propel the album go Gold and reach #6 on the Billboard Charts.

The song is about waking up, taking ownership of your life and realize that you control your own destiny. Find the courage and strength and don’t let anything get in your way to what you want. Basically, whatever is holding you back, cut that cord to free yourself and don’t be afraid to fail. We all need that strength at times as there is always an excuse why “not” to do something. This is the anthem to make you say failure is not an option.

The song is heavy, powerful and a massive wake up call of sound. Barry Kerch’s drumming is immensely intense and thunderous. Zach Myers guitars are heavy and lethal. The song opens with a choir of vocals on the “Freedom la la la la” lines and they show up through the song. Brent Smith’s vocals are wild, crazy and psychotic as he means what he sings and brings an intensity that is only matched by the music. The heavy melodies and catchy chorus find the right groove and it is a song you won’t forget.

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