The Christmas Rant – LEAVE CHRISTMAS ALONE!!

Tomorrow is Christmas!  It is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, celebrate our families and the ones we love.  It is a time to be joyful and full of yuletide cheer (whatever that is).  However, some people have tried to poo poo on the Holidays.  And I can’t take it anymore.  So, you are about to get something from I rarely ever do.  Voicing my opinion about some topics that have really pissed me off this year.  Sit back and settle in…if this offends you, too bad.


First up…since it is a music site, I will start with the music controversy with the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.  If you aren’t aware, a radio station or two has BANNED the Christmas song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” because they feel it is Rape Song!!.  A Rape Song!…really.  Yes, the lyrics when read without context of the singing or the time within which they were written do sound like a possible date rape scenario, I will give them that.

However, I think the #MeToo movement or whatever movement is going a little too far with this.  Seriously, do you have to take the joy out of Christmas???  You are missing something crucial about the song.  When the singers are singing this, it isn’t date rape, it is a playful flirtation between the two parties.  The song was written in the 1940’s.  Women couldn’t come right out and say they wanted to have sex with the guy, they had to come across as innocent and playfully suggest such things so she didn’t come across as a Whore.

So, please shut the fuck up and leave my Christmas music alone!!  You suck the life out of everything.  Hell, it must be hard being you!!


Oh, by the way, I saw this on Facebook and thought it was funny…Frosty the Snowman is naked and smoking in front of kids…you might want to Ban Frosty!!



First you fuck with Baby, It’s Cold Outside and now you want to fuck with Santa!!  Am I hearing this correctly??  You want a gender neutral Santa Claus???  It this a joke???

Ok, I am ready to lose my shit!!  Santa Claus is a Male!!  He is married to Mrs. Claus.  He is a JOLLY OLD FAT MAN!!!  Leave Santa alone.  Now, before you go and say anything, I don’t care if Santa is White or Black or whatever color you want your Santa to be, but Santa is a MAN!!!  A very FAT MAN!!  And there is nothing wrong with being a Man.  Stop fucking with my Christmas Tradition!!  If you want your own Christmas icon that delivers presents or whatever and they are gender neutral, that is fine…BUT IT AIN’T SANTA CLAUS!!!  I am curious, when did being a male in this country become such a bad thing!!




Now this controversy has been around awhile about not being able to say “Merry Christmas” to anyone.  I am going to say Merry Christmas!!  Why, because I can and have every right to do so!  If you are offended that is your own personal fucked up problem.  If you were to come up to me and say Happy Hanukah, I would in no way be offended.  I would be appreciative and I would say it back to you even though I am not Jewish.  Why?  Because I would be glad you greeted me with such kind words.  We aren’t trying to force Christ on you we are wishing you well.

Merry Christmas is more than just about Christ (although that is the big focus).  It is also about family and loving one another.  It is about celebrating everyone whether we are Christians or Jewish or Muslim or whatever you are.  We give gifts to those we love and consider friends.  it is supposed to be a time of joy.  If your sad, pathetic life is offended by the statement of Merry Christmas, that is on you.  Not Me!!  I mean no ill will when I say it and I can’t control how you take it, but I am pretty darn sure you will never stop me from saying it!!



And thanks for listening to me ramble even if I don’t make sense half the time.  I am a little tired of the political correctness gone way too far!!  The world has lost its sense of humor and people have lost the ability to be kind to one another.  It is a sad, sad world we live in now.

And one final thought…MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!