Bon Jovi – ‘Red Hot and 2 Parts Live’ E.P. – 12″ Single

I love when I’m out digging and I find something I’ve never seen before and that happened yet again with this Bon Jovi release. It is a UK only release called ‘Red Hot and 2 Parts Live’ and is a 12″ Single. Okay, I’m not being honest when I say I haven’t seen it because my bud Mike Ladano wrote about it a few years ago, so I have seen pictures of it, but I have never seen it in the wild and now I have a copy. The reason for this special edition of the single is probably because this was actually the first Bon Jovi single released in the UK.

What we have here is a thing of beauty. It is a three song EP on stunning translucent red vinyl. It has two live tracks both recorded in Japan in 1985 and one remix of the song “Hardest Part is the Night” from 7800° Fahrenheit.

I have to say the sound quality is off-the-charts as it is loud. I had previously listened to an album prior to this release and when the E.P. played, it was so much louder I had to turn the volume down a little as it was too loud. I guess I shouldn’t admit that as it goes against the name of the site. Another thing is the beauty of the vinyl. I mean just look at it…

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