My Sunday Song – “Best of Me” by Ratt

For My Sunday Song #258, we are going to talk about “Best of Me” by Ratt. The song was the first single off their 2010 comeback album ‘Infestation’ and was the first signs that Ratt was back and back with a vengeance. When I first saw the video and heard the song, I was so pumped for this album. I hadn’t felt that way for a Ratt album in almost 20 years. This was the Ratt I knew and loved.  ‘Infestation’ was a beast of an album, but sadly, the band didn’t capitalize on it and ended up fighting and suing each other, it was a mess. But the song was great.

The song was written by Stephen Pearcy, Carlos Cavazo and Michael “Elvis” Baskette. “Best of Me” is about Stephen’s wife at the time, Melissa Pearcy.  He realized that she was the best part of him, but it took him to look elsewhere to realize what he had. He made the mistake and thought the grass might be greener on the other side and found out he already had the best thing in life he needed. Guys are stupid and get caught in this thinking all the time…they always want something newer or better…at least what they think is better…WRONG!! I think the band Cinderella summed it up nicely, “You don’t know what you got, ’til its gone”…that is the right saying for this.

That opening guitar riff by Warren DeMartini was pure Ratt magic. It immediately takes you back to the 80’s to when Ratt was in their prime. It sounds like it could’ve been on ‘Out of the Cellar’ or ‘Invasion of Your Privacy’. Bobby Blotzer’s drums sound great and he and bass player Robbie Crane are the driving force behind the song. Carlos Cavazo’s rhythm guitar is there is highlight Warren’s magical fingers. I mean his solo even sounds like it was ripped from the 80’s. And don’t forget Stephen Pearcy. His vocals are in great shape and still have that bluesy, gravely vocal he did back in the day. The song screams Ratt & Roll!! Yes, I went there!!

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