My Sunday Song – “Bang Bang” By Nessa Barrett

For My Sunday Song #361, we are doing a different sort of 10 song set. Instead of 10 songs in a row from a band, I asked my daughter to pick 10 songs that she likes and I will listen to them and write about them giving my thoughts on them. It is a varied bunch of artists, some I wasn’t surprised she picked, some I was and some I wish she hadn’t, but I’ll do it anyway. First one up is actually one of my favorites that she picked. It is the song “Bang Bang” by singer Nessa Barrett. It was released as a single back in December 2022, but it isn’t on her latest album. It is a brand new song. Nessa is one of the few artists to come off of TikTok and actually land a record deal and there is a reason for it as she has a great voice and does some pretty interesting songs. There is another one she does called “I Hope UR Miserable Until UR Dead” that I think is totally awesome, but this one is great too.

The song is really dark. Nessa has a mental disorder called borderline personality rage and she really lets you know what goes on when that happens. The line “I’ve Got Intrusive Thoughts” is exactly what happens as when you are in that rage, the crazy things you want to do at that exact moment can be overwhelming. In the song, she wants to do some really bad things to her ex & his girlfriend like kill him first, cut the lines on his breaks and beat him with a crowbar, heck maybe even throw him off the roof of a building. All a little disturbing and all make a great song.

Musically, there is a lot of aggressiveness to it and a whole punk attitude. Heck the song is only a little over 2 minutes and it goes by in a frenzied flash. The electronic drum beats, the wicked basslines are heavy, quick, a little distorted and totally rocking. Nessa delivers the lyrics in a fast, deliberate fashion that seems eerie and yet and there is a little fun to her vocals as well. When she gets to the “I’ve Got Intrusive Thoughts” part, she speaks it which doubles down the evilness of the song and I will be honest, that is what is great about the song. That chorus is catchy as hell with the “la, la, la’s” and the “bang bang”, simple yet very effective.

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